Why Professional Dress Should Make a Comeback

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Have you ever read the book “Who moved My Cheese?” Neither have I.  However, I do know someone who has read it, and they talked about it to me. Essentially, it is a self help book to make you feel more empowered. The main message she got was you dress how you want to be perceived. ( and that is one aspect to the book NOT THE ENTIRE SUBJECT)Makes sense.


For instance, if you dress in your sweatpants and come to work you tend to be more in a relaxed type of mood. Sounds good. I know you’re scratching your head wondering where the issue is. The problem is that you’re wearing sweatpants. Essentially, your relax attitude will migrate into other areas of your work and life.

Now if you wore slacks, you tend to be in the frame of mind to get business done. You take charge of your day. You tend to speak in more professional language, you say PLEASE! You attitude is a go geter.

Now, I do realize that some people are immune to this type of psychology and are currently yelling at their computer screen that I’m stupid. I am not in a place to tell you what pants to wear. I am truly in awe with people like you, who manage to kick butt wearing pants, sweatpants or no pants at all!

Moving on.

Wearing clothing that doesn’t look as though we just rolled out of bed also gives us the notion that we should receive a certain type of behavior from other people. For instance when you see a cop, unless your a rebel, you imminently start to use Sir, or Mam. When you see a doctor you use educated words and you are attentive. Why? It could be that you were told over and over that these people deserve respect, or you believe that because of the way they are dressed they deserve a level of respect.

This brings me to my point.

We should put those sweatpants away and bring out the slacks, pencil skirts and blazers. We should dress the way we we want to be perceived, and to also help us achieve our goals. With the right frame of mind we could be the next Gwyenth Paltrow or Anderson Cooper.


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