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Why you should Stop washing your hair so much


Have you ever seen a  movies where some poor boy asks a girl out on a date and she brushes him off by saying, “I have to wash my hair.”  When I first heard this line in Back to the Future II, I thought that’s silly. I mean of course you wash your hair! But as I got older I realized girls have “scheduled” days that they wash their hair. I know I do!

I don’t wash my hair everyday! 

There I said it, I have admitted it and I have accepted it.  In addition to that it is just way too cold to be taking a million showers.  Personally, though I workout, I plan my showers on the days that I do workout. I don’t subscribe to the fact that we need to work out for a million hours six days a week. Seriously who has time for that? I have two kids and a husband, when am I going to workout? FYI I love my sleep, need it, it keeps me young.

Wow, I got side tracked there! Anyway.

I’ve always been someone who washes their hair every other day. I have fine hair, but it doesn’t get oily too fast,  I also have wavy hair.  My hair is medium length and it gets weighed down sometimes and on those days I usually wear it up. I see it as an incentive to actually do something with my hair other then leaving it down.

I believe, and after talking to my hair stylist, that you really shouldn’t be washing your hair all the time. I have also seen a ton of articles in Comso, Women’s Day and even Housekeeping warning you against doing so.

Did you know washing your hair everyday can actually make it greasy? If you think about it, that makes sense. You are washing all natural oils off every single day. So what is your hair and scalp to do? Well, try to keep up with demand.

Adding too much conditioner can also make your hair greasy. If you don’t rinse it out all the way. Also, you really don’t need to condition the top of your hair. It is the ends that need it!

Ok, so I’ve given you some reasons why you shouldn’t wash your hair everyday. but what are the benefits of skipping theses washes?

  • Your hair will actually grow!
  • You will notice less breakage
  • Your hair will actually be shinier
  • You can sleep in longer-think about it.

And if you are super into the environment you will actually save water! Cause seriously who are we trying to empress. If you don’t sweat or do manual labor (ie industrial maintenance) then you don’t really need to take a shower everyday. In between you could do a hot water scrub if that makes you feel better. I like to do this before I go to bed in the winter.  I found a little passage about it in “The Kind Diet,” which I have for you below!

(Found in the book “The Kind Diet” by Alicia Silverstone page 128)

You will want to fill the sink about halfway with hot water. Not hot enough to burn your skin or to use but hot. Soak your washcloth, then remove it from the water, wring it out and start scrubbing your face. Using circular motions continually dunking and wring out as the wash cloth cools. Again, start with your face, move to your chest, your underarms, your arms, then you hands. Avoid rubbing your private areas (including your breasts), but make sure to get your groin. (mainly to stimulate the lymph nodes there.) The whole process should take about five to eight minutes. While you’re doing this, give yourself a pep talk.

Side note: When I first read this in “The Kind Diet,” I thought it was silly! But then I noticed not only do I feel better about myself image but I really started to appreciate my body. 


Washing your hair less often requires baby steps! 

Like with anything you don’t want to quit something cold turkey. Start with every other day. In between washes use a dry shampoo. If you have bangs, these babies get oily all the time, then wash those. Stick with this routine for about three to four weeks. After that try eliminating a day of shampooing. So you can be every other day like me, or 2x a week.


Personally, other then shampoo and condition I don’t really use a lot of products. I have wavy hair so I use some moose and curling cream when I want to have curly hair but I don’t use a lot and I don’t apply it on the second day. On super dry days I apply a little Moroccan oil.

I use Tresemme Bitanical Oil. Here is the link to Amazon to take a look. 

When shampooing there is a right and wrong way! 

Consider mind blown! This is actually something I learned from my hair stylist in Sacramento. When you shampoo you want to wash the dirty part of your hair, and that would be the scalp. Think about it. Where does oil come from? The ends of your hair, especially if you are me, are the drier parts. As you rinse out the shampoo it will flow down the rest of your hair. You do not want to scrub the ends. Then when you condition do the opposite. (again mind blown!) apply the conditioner to the ends. Why? Again, that is the part of your hair that DOES not produce oil, so it is drier. And it makes your hair get greasier faster.

If you need to, you can rinse your hair.

So remember when I said that I plan my showers around my work outs? Well, I get that you may not be me. did you know that you can just rinse your hair? I know what you’re thinking, gross. But seriously you don’t need shampoo. The water wills remove salt and sweat without stripping your hair.

Side note: If you simply must take a shower every day then get a shower cap!

Meet your new best friend….dry shampoo. 

I know, I know. I said not to shampoo your hair all the time. However, this different. I assure you this is different. Dry Shampoos are good when you have excess oils or you don’t have time to wash your hair. You simply shake the can and hold it six inches form your head. You want to lift your hair in sections while spraying the dry shampoo and you want to point it at the roots. Before rubbing it in you will want to wait a few minutes. Then using your fingers do your magic. Personally, cause I am bananas I use Living Proof Style Extender. Why? I’ll tell you, it is because it is paraben free. This stuff is good if you are feel gross or you just need to get some oil out of your hair.

Use the Right Product for Your Hair Type

Now I know that you maybe someone who uses products like they are going out of style. Aside from the ones that I mentioned above I don’t really use a whole lot and depending on your hair type you might need to kiss a few frogs before you find the right one for you. If your hair is not as dry as mine you will not need as much moisturizing, but if you are dry like me then you are going to need lots. It is all about finding the best products that work for you.

Depending on your hair type, you might find you need to be using products that are more or less moisturizing. Just remember that it’s all about finding products that are best for you!

For days when I am not wanting to straighten my hair I use Herbal Essence Curl Define Mousse

Try Up-dos

My favorite bit of advice.  If you are trying not to wash your hair, and you faced with greasy hair while you are working on not washing your hair as much you may want to try putting your hair up.

I normally wear my hair down and straight everyday, unless it is raining. Then I allow my hair to be as wavy and curly as it wants to be. I also wear my hair up.

I am not that creative so I simply look to the YouTube for some advice and how to tips. Here are a few that I love to check out:

Makeup Wearables Hairstyles  

This link will take you to some elegant updos

Alex Gaboury   

Alex shows you how to do a simple bun. For people like me buns are almost like solving a trig problem.

The Small Things Blog – She will show you how to do a messy bun…one I am still trying to master!

and for those of you who are super lazy or you just woke up! Here is a link for lazy or running late dos.

Makeup Wearables Hairstyles

So, are you guys willing not to wash your hair everyday? How often do you wash? Are there any tips you’d like to share for keeping your hair fresh? Sound off in the comments!

Until Next Time!



FYI: Feel free to try the products I have listed above, I am not getting paid!


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