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What I Think You Should Know About Instagram for Blogging

 When I first started blogging I did a lot of research on social media. Now,  I am going to admit something really horrible right now, I bleeping HATE social media. Why? I don’t know. I find it hard to talk about myself or update my status of the day. I honestly think that no one really cares about what I am doing at whatever o’clock. I personally wouldn’t want to see a picture or status update of me telling you all that currently, at whatever time, I am picking my nose.

Having said that I do recognize that places like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are important tools to get your blog out there.  Since I am horrible with Facebook and Twitter, I am going to focus only on Instagram. I feel that Instagram is essential in your work, and being authentic. It is also only social media outlet I love. 


One of the things that I learned about writing a blog or working on my Instagram is that you have to be your real self. I know that it is easy to pretend to be something that we are not, but sometimes that lack of authenticity shines through.  The main thing you should work on when you post on Instagram is obviously good content, but also be relatable.

That is main thing I learned with my interactions on Instagram. Relating to the world is essential in making connections. People want to know they are not alone. Just like you, people want to make a lasting connection. I do know there are a lot of Instagram users who are all about the followers, those people you are never going to reach or make a lasting connection. One thing you should do is not worry about how many followers you have, but to worry about how many connections you are actually making.

Are your followers authentic? Do you follow people who you are authentic with? The people that I follow, and yes there are some celebrities, are those who I am inspired by. For example Helene In Between. She is very inspirational in getting you to realize your passion and goals in blogging or life in general. She is very smart, funny and motivated. Her content is really awesome too. Just check out the shot below.

click here to check out her page. 

Another profile that I really like to use when I am stumped is Bloguettes. They are full of advice for your blog, right down to the hashtags you should be using when you are posting on Instagram.

To check out their page click here. 

Regardless of the things they be selling or inspiration they are giving the other thing you will notice is they are very conscious of what they post.  Their pictures are representing their brand.  I thing I still struggle with “great picture” content on my Instagram. However, I learn through trial and error. I don’t care if a picture isn’t seen as amazing to everyone. If it makes me feel as though I am being me then I am posting it.

I will admit that I do try to keep a theme, or keep my pictures looking the same. Meaning I use the same filter on all of my pictures. It is sort of like my signature.

Bottom line, Instagram gives you more connections and relationships with your readers. Building your Instagram puts you out there and shows who you are. As people start getting used to seeing you they start getting curious as to what you are promoting. You should, and so should I, create amazing pictures. Take a course in taking pictures, do research. Learn how to make something desirable.

Sure you hear a lot that the algorithm on Instagram is poo. But it doesn’t have to be. Make it work for you. It is user friendly, and with a little research, time and perseverance you will be able to achieve a whole lot.

For more information on Instagram and how you could create a theme check out Helene’s post on just this! CLICK HERE!     

Or check out her site


One last thing.

The one thing you want to make sure you do on Instagram, aside from posting amazing pictures or learn new things is to reach out to other people. It is sort of like dating. You need to network yourself, authentically.

Here is how I do it. I search a hashtag, either one that I use or one that I know is popular. Then I look at pictures. I get inspired but I also look at people’s pages. If they have a blog then I look at that blog and read it. Yes, I read things. I never read their current post. I read one that is a bit older to show that I was digging. I then make a comment. If there is not a place on their blog to comment then I talk about their blog on their Instagram post. I make sure to talk about the post that I read and how it helped me. One of the things I learned about blogging is wanting that feedback. I need to know that I am creating good stuff, so I try to give that to others.

Interacting on social media is WAYYY easier then meeting someone in a bar!

So what are you waiting for? Get on Instagram and start putting yourself out there.



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