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What I always Travel With


The worst most anxious time of my life is always when I’m traveling. It is uncomfortable, scary and downright puts me in a bad mood. I really get in touch with my hatred of people and crowds while traveling. But there are ways that I deal with this, to better my traveling experience and to keep the peace with others. Cause let’s face it, everyone is stressed, nervous and anxious when they are traveling, too.

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So, I discovered that I seem to calm down more when I travel with a few accessories. They don’t take a lot of room, everything fits in small make-up bag, so no need to worry about extra fees. 
My main go to item has always been Avene Thermal Spring Water spray ($18.50, I get mine cheaper on Amazon). Which now you can get at Walgreens. (Now this is not an ad, I do not get paid to tell you about any of these products.) I know what? You spray water on your face? Yes, the answer is yes. And as silly as it sounds this stuff is so refreshing. When you’re tired, feel yucky, or just need to feel refreshed. 
You know how a hot towel feels on your face when you get one on the plane? Well this stuff is sort of like that, but not hot.
Of course I have to bring my essential oils. A friend of mine from New Orleans swears by these, and I must admit that at first I was a bit leery. She is a nurse, so her first go to isn’t herbal remedies but when it comes to certain things, such as allergies and anxiety, she does believe there are alternatives to mood altering drugs, or in allergies case conciseness. I pass the bleep out on those things! 
When I put on the oils for stress and anxiety, I swear I mellow out as though I had taken something super strong. Now, I know that everyone has different anxiety type issues and while this may work for me it may not work for you. So, if you decide to try it please do so with caution. 
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Before I go on, I know what you’re thinking, um these are liquids. Yes, I get that and while the rules for airplanes vary I believe the under 5oz rules still applies. Most everything that I use is the approved size of TSA and most airlines, however, it is wise to check before you decide to head out to the airport. 
The next thing I have to bring with me is of course noise canceling headphones. Now, while I do not wear these while I am moving and grooving through the airport, I do wear them while I am on the plane. I normally listen to books I’ve downloaded on my Kindle (I’m a chicken so nothing involving scary things! Romance books and funny books for me!), or I listen to music. (Linkin Park, Imagine Dragons, Kings of Leon, the list goes on!)
Now, I know I said most of this stuff fits in a make-up bag, I do apologize for the headphones. I don’t carry those in my make-up bag, those are in my personal item bag. 
Deodorant is the next thing! Cause let’s face it, when you’ve been traveling for HOURS on end your gonna start stinking. Along with this I always pack some disposable brushes loaded with toothpaste and some breath mints. That is one thing that I don’t have to think about and when you have anxiety, it goes a long way. (At least for me it does)
Last but not least, I travel with facial moisturizer and body lotions. I hate the feeling of my hands after I’ve washed them, so lotion is a MUST. As for my face, I know I didn’t mention it but I usually travel with face wipes. Such as Burt’s Bees to clear away what you accumulated while flying. Once that is done I apply some moisturizer so I feel refreshed. 
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These are just a few things I take with me when I travel that make me feel a little better. The most important to me is the essential oils, especially when I fly internationally. 
I’d love to hear what you travel with. What makes you feel like a normal person? Do you pack snacks? I didn’t mention it but I DO! Beef Jerky anyone? 
Until Next time!

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