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Ways to achieve your gym goals

Let’s face it, working out is mean.  Personally I love working out, I just have issues getting started. However, once I am started I am “strong like bull”! Ha just some funny humor from “Something about Mary.” (Google it)

I don’t mind sweating or being sore as all get out. Nor do I mind being unable to move. When my abs are sore from a particularly grueling ab work out I smile as I take a painful diaphragm breath.

Wait, what? I know what you’re thinking, “Christina you are supposed to motivate me into working out, not remind me of all the horrific things.” Well, my friends I am doing that, keep up!

I am going to be seriously honest right now, I have not intensely worked out since I had my baby almost three years ago now. I did start working out when I was medically released but I ran out of both time, and energy. In addition to that I was suffering from a particularly horrify postpartum depression. I know what you’re thinking, oh it was just mental. Well, if we are being honest here mental issues do make life a struggle. Sometimes I have to force myself out of the house, forcing myself to workout was just too much. So instead of focusing on the internal beating I was giving myself I chose to focus on my small accomplishments, like putting make up on.

As things started to balance out again, I realized just how frumpy I looked. At least to myself. And because I am seriously competitive with girls who I find prettier then me, I of course became seriously competitive with a celebrity or two. Which for all intense and purposes a wasted challenge. Why? Well, I don’t have the opportunity to work out six days a week, at all hours of the day. I barely have time for ten minutes. So, I created a plan that works for me. Here is some of what I implemented.


I work out when I have the time, but I hold myself accountable. I tell myself that I can not complain about what I see in the mirror because I am not doing anything about it. If I see a horrifying number on the scale I say well that is fair, because you ate horribly last week. Or whatever.  I keep a journal, and reflect on my thoughts. I don’t just purge my feelings and then move on. I take the time to examine why I must be feeling or thinking a certain way.

Set small goals!

I then remind myself that this is not a race, and I can achieve small goals. Right now my current goal is to tighten my arms. I never wear tank tops and feel overly exposed in them. However, I think I might want to wear some this summer. So I want my shoulders and arms to look cute. I don’t know what my next goal will be but I do know it will be achieve able.

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Be realistic

Another thing I think you should do before you start working out is accept that you are NOT going to look like Kim Kardashian or Jessica Alba. You don’t share the same genes, and you are not them. If you work out your abs like a beast but you don’t have a six pack that is ok, because your body just doesn’t  build muscle the same. You want to have arms like Gal Godot not going to happen. Even if you do the SAME exact workout your arms are never going to look like hers.

Stay Motivated

Why should you accept this? Because once you do then you are going to never not be motivated. Sure you can set a goal, “I want to be in as good of shape as Gal Godot”. That is realistic, and you will see results. But if you say “I am going to have arms juts like Gal.” then you are setting yourself up for disaster. You will quit two weeks in because you are not seeing the results you insisted you have.


Another thing you should do is focus on your accomplishments. Sure you want to lose ten pounds, or however many you came up with. The first thing you do when you lose a bit of weight is start figuring out how much more you need to lose. Say I lost five pounds, only five more to go. Well, don’t do that. Be proud that you lost that five pounds. Trust me when you have had a baby and the weight is clinging on to you like leech a little motivation goes a long way. Be excited you lost five pounds, even if you are the only one who noticed. You are not doing this for anyone but yourself!

Once you have kit your stride, stick with it. Love what you are seeing, and write down that you love it. Don’t pay any attention to what feedback you might be getting from others, if you do then that will be all that you focus on. Sure it is great when someone notices the fruits of your labor, but that is not why you are working out. Or at least it shouldn’t be.

Personally, I want to look better to me. I want to feel great in my body. I don’t want someone else to provide me with confidence. In order to achieve full confidence, one must work on themselves.

I would love to hear your plan to keep you in the gym or motivated or whatever that you find healthy and works for you!

Until Next time!


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