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Ways to Re-Center Yourself, When you’re Super Busy


If you follow me on Instagram, then  you know I have been a busy little bee. I am also a little stressed. In case I haven’t informed you, the reason I am busy and stressed is because I am currently interning. Nine weeks in and I am, oddly, wishing for Spring.

While busy and stressed, I am also a bit worried about becoming sick. Everyone knows the more stretched thin you are the more likely you are to catch a cold. And if any of you have ever done an internship you know you really can’t take a day off. So what do you do? What do you do to relax or keep healthy when you have very little time to do anything?

Well, here are a couple of things I suggest.


Vitamin D. Now, let me explain. I did some looking into this vitamin and was surprised that there is more to Vitamin  D then benefits from sunlight.I learned that this little vitamin can also  help with your immune system, S.A.D-which if you live in the Pacific Northwest like I do then you may experience this from time to time. This little vitamin also helps to prevent diabetes, if you are prone to it like myself.

I found a peppermint spray from Nutrient Wise. click to check it out! I will admit I was a little nervous about the peppermint flavor. I think that comes from years of artificial flavors being shoved down my throat. If you are familiar with this then you know that artificial peppermint flavor is quite harsh and downright nasty. But I think this flavor is natural because it is not in your face, and it doesn’t leave a nasty after taste in your mouth!  The spray bottle is super convenient, don’t have to worry about pills or needing water. Since I stared taking it, around the 1st of February, I can say I feel really good. Knock on wood, I have not been struck down with my month cold I normally get this time of year.

Take time for you!

It is important, regardless of what you are doing, to take some me time. Even if that me time means an errand trip to Target. Walk those aisles like you have all the time in the world. Look at stuff even if you don’t need to. Make the trip pleasant and stress free. Trust me! Or make yourself read a book, that has nothing to do with anything. For instance read “Still Me” by JoJo Moyers, or “Lake and Manning” by Jessica Hawkins. (instagram @jessica_hawkins)

Books are a great way to release some tension. But so is television. Watch something on Netflix like Gilmore Girls or Elementary on Hulu. Just something to keep you engaged so you don’t think about the thing you are taking a break from.

Trust me breaks are a must, if not you will burn out so much faster.

*if books aren’t your thing, then I suggest dancing like nobody is watching! go ahead turn the radio on and shaky that booty!)


Learn some relaxing techniques.

Oprah swears by mediation. Some people swear by praying. Others swear by sleep. The point is there is something out there that is right for you. A technique that helps you get re-centered. For me that is either working out hard or doing something gentle like yoga. Try a great deal of many things.  Relaxation techniques are like ice cream. There is a great deal of flavors out there but only on just for you.



Last and not least, the most inportant one I think. MUSIC.

I listen to different genres when I am stressed, sad or whatever. For instance I am currently listening to Mike Shinoda’s new work.  Why you ask? Well, good question. If you heard his new songs you would know they are raw, emotional and tortured. Right now I am running at half speed and I am stuck in a strange emotional state. These new songs of his are  helping me getting in touch with those feelings and emotions that I really don’t want to deal with. Strange how music can do that!

I am also listening to  Linkin Park, I mean when I am not!

I am also listening a lot to French bluesy type music right now and Adele. I find if i match the music to the attitude, relaxed, that I am trying to achieve it helps.


So there you have it. Just a few tips on how to relax even when you are super busy. There are more I know, and I want to hear your ideas!

Until then Have a great Week!



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