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My Top 5 Favorite Books of 2017

I love to read, and try to find as much time for reading as I can.  For me, there is nothing better than bonding with a new character and watching how they grow throughout the story. I find it quite powerful when a really good story takes you by the hand. Another reason I always make time for reading is because, for me reading is almost therapeutic. Especially when life starts to throw wild darts in your direction. Think Indian Jones in the Temple of Doom! Regardless of your situation in life it is a wonderful thing to escape the world around you if only for a moment.

A sentimental reason I love reading is that some of my favorite memories are made through reading. I can recall how amazed my older son was during our reading of “Harry Potter.” Or when my younger son sat with me while I read to him an alphabet book. That is why I love reading so much. It is how we learn language, how we communicate and how we pass on things to those we love. Below you will find just some of my favorites form 2017,  I did mention some books that were from earlier years. I am a little behind you see! On top of that I am re-reading some books to rekindle the romance and determine if they should make the journey across the pond with me. I once mentioned that making this kind of choice was very similar to that in “Sophie’s Choice”, and I was not kidding! How do you let go? Perhaps I should ask Rose DeWittBukater,  ha ha Titanic humor!

Here are the books from 2017 I suggest you read!

  1. The Silver Music Box by  Mina Baites– the story starts out right before WW1. Jewish silversmith Johann Blumenthal decides to carve a silver box for his son as a parting gift before he leaves to war. His wife is none too happy about him volunteering but understands this is something he has to do.  I found this to be a heartbreaking tale. The little music box is so much more then just a box and becomes something incredible. If you are looking for a real tear jerker to take you from WWI through WWII this is the book to do it. 
  2. Darker by EL James-I know, I know. But I read the other books so I feel I am obligated to keep going. Having said that this book was not half bad. I didn’t mind reading the story from Christian’s point of view. In fact it had me wondering why Stephenie Meyer didn’t write a book from Edward’s point of view on the ten year anniversary of “Twilight”. Anyhow, this book is just a guilty pleasure and if you read Fifty Shades Darker then you know what happens. Ana comes back to Christian, they decide to move in together, she finds out more about his past and then he proposes to her. (with the movie being out this should not be a spoiler.)
  3. The Reaper of Zons by Catherine Shepherd- Ok so this book is not from 2017 but I love this author. I have been to the parts of Germany described in this book, so for me it makes this crime novel that much more spellbinding. Darting back and forth between 500 years ago and present day a serial killer has the good citizens of  Zons on their toes. In Modern day, Zons is held by it’s throat with a copy cat killer that lead detective Oliver must find, especially before his girlfriend Emily gets into more trouble. And in past Zons, Bastian Muhlenberg, has to figure out why people are disappearing.  For me this book just holds on to you and doesn’t let go. If there is nothing going to be a third book I think I might cry!
  4. Move the Stars (Book 3) by Jessica Hawkins  The first two books of this series introduced you to Lake and Manning. The first book “Something in the Way”, Lake meetings Manning while he is working on a construction site next to her house in Southern California. (Or as my peeps say So. Cal.) She is instantly enchanted by him but there is one problem. He is is an adult and she is only sixteen.  Not wanting to let the age thing be an issue she pushes to be with him. As he pushes things end up sides ways and  he ends up with her sister, Tiffany. In the second book, “Someone Else’s Sky”,  Lake endures more heartache. Manning is living the life he should be living with Lake, while she is getting ready for college. And now, hopefully with minimal spoilers, we have reached “Move the Stars.” This book is Lake and Manning fighting tooth and nail to be together.  Things are more complicated as life pulls these to into different directions. For me, this story is so heartbreaking and bittersweet.  At the end of this one you will be glad that a fourth one is coming out.
  5. Beneath a Scarlet Sky by Mark Sullivan- Having read All the Light We Cannot See, and having it change my life, I thought there can not possibly be another book that gut wrenching and heartbreaking. Then I find Beneath a Scarlet sky. The main character, Pino Lello, is a normal teenager all about himself and the ladies. He is neither interested or cares about the Nazis. One day after his family home is destroyed, Pino finds himself working with others helping Jews escape. As he works he falls for a lovely woman, six years his senior named Anna. As the war progress and things become heated in Italy, Pino’ s parents force him to enlist as a German solider, thinking ti will keep him out of combat. Soon after joining he is injured and finds himself as the personal driver of Hilter. Things start to get complicated at this point, and here is where the heartbreak and gut wrenching start. Pino decides to become a spy. Without giving anymore away this is a book you will not be able to put down.

Looking forward to Next Year!

Now that 2017 is over that means that there will be new books coming out in 2018! One thing I am excited for! I have listed just two books I am excited about and have already pre-ordered.

I am looking forward to “Still Me” by Jo Jo Moyers. The continuing story of Louisa Clark!

I am also looking forward to Lake + Manning (Something in the Way book 4) Such a heartbreaking story with a bittersweet ending. I can not wait to see where life takes Lake and Manning next.

So which book do you think you might read? Or are you gonna read them all? Cause you should!

Until Next time.


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