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The Scary January!

For me, January represents a load of things. The obvious is that it is the start of a new year, and it feels almost like a fresh start. This month, I am sure you  have noticed, that people make a million different resolutions.  You also start to see that more self-help books or gyms being advertised for those who need an extra boost. Personally I see January as the start of a new year. Sometimes it makes me sad, because the of the past events of the previous year. For instance, for me 2017 was an awesome year. A lot of good things happened, and 2018 is so unknown. That part makes me anxious. I am not talking about oh my goodness unknowing makes me nervous type of anxious. Not knowing makes me itch with nervousness, almost shake with fear and sweat at times. 

In addition to the anxiety,  I am also starting a new chapter. Things have been overwhelming, frustrating and at the same time amazing. The further I get into this new role of my life the more I feel silly for having waited for so long to get here.  As silly as this sounds but the more time passes and the more relaxed I get in my new role, I think to myself that this is the reason why so many of us set goals. This feeling is why we are driven and inspired to reach for the sky!

I can tell you this, while making resolutions you should think if you can achieve that goal. Don’t try to loose twenty pounds by not eating fast food. While that is a great goal, quitting cold turkey or just avoiding it all together will make you end up scarfing it down more then before. The best thing, I have found, you have to make small achievable goals. For instance, perhaps instead of having fast food every night you have it only on the weekends or every other day. Keeping the goal of dropping a day as two weeks pass.

I know you have heard it before, small goals are easier to achieve!

So, anyone out there trying to achieve a goal? Anyone else glad or sad that January is here?


Until Next time!

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