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The Revival of Me.

Hello there friends. I know it has been a while, and if you come here regularly you’ve noticed I just posted my trip to St. Helen’s (AKA Halloween Town). I know that I am seriously late in posting that, I also know that I have been MIA for a little while. If you follow me on Instagram then you know I have been busy, like a bee. 

Currently, I have been working hard at purging needless things in my life. I have mentioned how much it hurts to get rid of an item or two, but I keep reminding myself that by getting rid of something unless I am saving myself a hundred dollars or two. After all shipping your stuff over the ocean is weighed and I want to be as light as possible.  Along with the purging I have also been trying desperately to potty train Toddler No Sleep. Meanwhile he is declaring his domancy over mommy. 

Along with everything else I have started doing some research into the type of Master’s degree I want, or need. And I have started self reflection. Not that there was anything wrong with me in the first place, I just feel that it is really good to have a foundation. Or in my case renew it. Many moons ago I moved, impromptu, to  New Orleans to “find myself”. I am not sure I found me, but I did discover a lot about me and people. I feel these little journeys are the reason we are here. People for centuries have been doing this, though they called it a pilgrimage in the middle ages. 

Needless to say I have a ton of ideas and surprise for the blog and I can’t wait to get started. Have I mentioned how happy I am that you decided to come along on my journey with me! I can’t promise it will always be fun, but I do promise one of us will do a lot of thinking. 


Until Next time! 

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