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The Great Purge Continues

Imagine if you will a pile of things you love, need or think you need. Now for an instance pretend you are thinking about getting rid of some of these fine things. For instance the sweater hanging in the back of your closet collecting dust. You haven’t worn it in a while but you can recall the exact time when you wore it last. “Why is it still there?” You wonder. Because you love it, and if you throw it away it will take the memory with it.

Not true.

I have written about this little topic before on my blog, about cleaning your closet. (Click here to read the post). I have followed my own advice and cleared out my closet like a woman on a mission. However, I didn’t even put a dent in my stuff. I assumed, stupidly, that once I cleared out clothing and various bags that I would be free of junk and totally read to move.

I could not be more wrong. And I am embarrassed!

For instance, this little box. I love love glass jars, and vases. This box here is three vases I have received over the course of my marriage. Actually two are from my husband and one is from a wedding I stole. Don’t judge me you know you have stollen center pieces from a wedding too!

In addition to this little box I also have a closet full of towels that we just don’t use anymore. We like to tell ourselves we are keeping those for guests, but really there is no way I would let my guests use these towels. Why? Well, I will tell you. I have been married for a little over fifteen years, yes fifteen. We got those towels as gifts at my bridal shower. So, yeah I know you did that math. THOSE TOWELS ARE FIFTEEN YEARS OLD. And trust me they look it.

Oh and let us not forget that I have curtains that I no longer use. Sure I could switch out my curtains from season to season, which I used to do. And one day I will again, but right now I am looking to get rid of things. You know trying to reach the “make the shipping to a different country as cheap as possible” goal. Ugh.

I have mentioned this before, and I’ll do it again. Getting rid of stuff, even stuff you don’t use or need is HARD. The nuts part is it shouldn’t be hard. No, it should be no problem. I like to think of myself as a person who is not tied to physical things. But I am starting to think (sadly) that is not true.

When I was younger my sister and I used to laugh and joke that if there was a natural disaster we wouldn’t know what to grab first. Sometimes it was our pictures, other times it was our books, but every time it was our clothes. Sadly, this is now my reality. I have no idea what I would grab first and the mere though makes me anxious. Ridiculous!

Purging, in any form, is so very therapeutic and eye opening. I mean it really puts things into perspective and really makes you see what you might not have realized had built up over time.

So, as I am currently toss out fifteen year old towels, I feel a bit freer. I feel a little lighter, but best of all I feel I am FINALLY reaching my goal. I think.

Now, if only I knew what to do about my shoes….


Until Next time.

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