The Elusive Nuremberg, Germany

Ethe Elusive Nurmberg

My favorite trip of all time would have to be Europe, Germany to be more specific. Though I would not feel right if I did not mention that France was my favorite country. My family and I pushed through the ten hour flight to Frankfurt to spend the most amazing Christmas in the Fatherland.

Groggy and jet lagged we instantly took in the German air and smiled so big we could have brought the sun out.(Which did come out for an instant,  coincidental brought out lake goers despite the 40 degree temp!

Have you ever been somewhere that just felt like ….Home? Even if you’ve never been there before? Well, we got that feeling instantly and even though it was colder then cold. Arriving in Europe instilled warm and fuzzy feelings and I instantly became drunk on the sweetness that is Germany.

One of the best parts of  our travels was having to use a British GPS system. Each trip was met with “Nuremberg X miles”. It happened so many times we swore by the end of the trip we would make tee shirts that said “Where is Nuremberg?” Even today we still joke about “Nuremberg.” When ever we get lost or if we are looking for something. Silly, I know, but it is the best part of our journey.


Needless to say if I could hop on a plane today I would head straight to the elusive Nuremberg! Well, I’d go anywhere in Germany.


I can not even explain the Christmas feeling and wonder that you get just by going through the licorice smelling Christmas markets. Or how everything is  decorated in Christmas decor that even Scrooge would get into the holiday spirit. You nibble on really good eats, drink Mulled Wine.

The even better part is that most of the vendors at the Christmas Markets either made or had made the items they are selling. Nothing is “commercial.”  Or at least I don’t think they were…..


Aside from the Christmas Markets, I loved the food! The first thing I tried in Germany was kasespatzle. From there my food journey began. At the time I was a vegetarian, but  I had to try the bratwurst. And of course fall madly in love with croquettes. (Fried balls of mashed potato goodness!!!)  Yes, the picture below are croquettes not egg rolls and YES they were amazing!


I may not be able to get there right now, but I will shortly. For me this is the dream!

Feeling the spirit of Christmas, eating really good food and finally finding Nuremberg are the goals of the year!

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

What would you do? What would you eat? What would be the first thing you took a picture of? Art, a building? food? Or are you nuts like me and take pictures of bathroom!

Until Next time


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