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Thanksgiving Stress…Just let it go

Where in the world did 2018 go? I mean not only is it already November but it is just a few days till Thanksgiving. If you read this tomorrow (November 15th), then it is exactly one week away! I personally have NO idea where this year went. I am pretty sure I was awake during most of it, and I definitely know that I was super busy.  

Like it or not, here we are. Speaking of right here, I just got back from the supermarket fetching the much needed items for the day. The only thing I do not have is my turkey. (I get that a day or two before I need it, why? Cause I don’t want to defrost it.) 

Cook doesn’t stress me out, but I am sure it stresses others. And it shouldn’t. Even if you are a super planner like me, remember it is just a meal. Even if you have never cooked before you can do it. Just pick up a few books or do some research online. Last year, I recommended Nigella Christmas, written by Nigella Lawson. She is the AMAZING British woman who taught me that I do not need to cook a turkey all dang day. In fact I only cook mine for about two to three hours depending on the weight. But I am sure there are others out there that vibe with you and how you do things, so you don’t have to follow Nigella. I would say you could look up a thing or two from Gordon Ramsay, Ina Gardner or even Rachel Ray. If you need simple, and easy I would go with Rachel Ray. Remember it doesn’t have to be stressful, even if this is your third or forth time. 

One year I had to cook Thanksgiving and I was pregnant. Well, my pregnancy brain was running rapid and I ended up cooking the turkey upside down. Thankfully the meal came out wonderful, and my husband said he had never had a turkey that moist before. Just like many before me in history, I learned through a mistake. Do I cook my turkey upside down today? NO. Why? I just don’t. But you could, and you could be the star of the day if you do. 

Once you have finished cooking or arrived for the eating then try your best to remember you can relax. If it is your house, well that is step one. You are in your space, and those you invited can always go home if they don’t like something. Like how you clean. (little jab at moms out there.) If little ones are driving you up the wall, then make sure that you put away anything breakable BEFORE anyone arrives. That way little hands won’t destroy your minimalist, “cozy” and modern vibe. 

If you have to travel to someone’s house, remember you have the option of a hotel. Or not going. Don’t stress yourself out over the holidays otherwise you end up dreading them. Take this time to enjoy the heck out of the holiday. Even if you are spending your time with your great aunt who likes to remind you that you’re still not married, and your eggs are pretty much dried up. Need research? Watch “Home for the Holidays” with Helen Hunt. Robert Downy Jr. is enough reason alone, but the reason for watching this movie is to feel better about going to your family home. 

Another tip, only stay for the day. AND DON’T FLY. Why? Cause you and everyone and their mother is flying on the same day. I would say leave a day or two before, cause it is deader then a door nail and come home a day or two later. Or just drive. Or better yet, stay home. Remember you could always go home for Christmas. 

If you need research on this one, watch Home Alone. There is no lesson there, it is just a good movie. 

So, regardless of what you decide, staying home watching Veronica Mars, and Gilmore Girls, cooking or traveling to the home land remember to enjoy yourself and remember life is too short to be stressed about something as simple as Thanksgiving. After all it defeats the point, we are supposed to be thankful. 

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Until Next Time!

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