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Staying Healthy, all year long

I often have issues with taking time to slow down or even relax. It all just happened one day and had simply become as natural to my life as breathing. One of the things I have learned, after getting sick over and over, is I really need to make a change.

So, I have started to make some small changes and these changes have been making a huge impact.

Here are a few of my top five changes:

1.Eat more Soup!

One of the things I do to keep myself going is keeping some broth of some kind or bone broth on hand. I find that I will eat more greens if they are in a soup, and there is nothing more comporting that having a bowl of warm soup on a cold day. Some of the soups I make is a cheesy chicken soup with onions, tomatoes and peas. Another is a clean soup with chicken, celery, carrots and onions.

2. Add Vitamins

Another thing I do is make sure I have a vitamin routine, starting in the fall. I often forget to take them and as an anemic it can cause me to feel sluggish and drained. To really impact my vitamin intake I typically take them with a shot of orange juice mixed with a teaspoon of hemp seeds.

3. Drink loads of water

No matter where you are or what you are doing or the time of year, you should always drink a ton of water. The amount? Well, according to anything you read on the internet you should try to drink about once ounce of water per pound of your body weight a day. Personally, I love cold water, so I keep water fresh and chilled all the time. Sometimes I feel my water needs a little boost so I add a lemon or some no calorie flavor.

4. Workout

Workout and work out regularly. One of the hardest things is getting started but once you have a routine that not only works for you but is convenient then you will find that you are working out regularly. If you want results you will need to be consistent, it is the only way. I have found over the years that keeping up with my workouts not only helps me from getting knots in my back but it helps my sleep. In addition it keeps me at a healthy weight, which is important considering diabetes run in my family.

5. Have a Wind-Down Routine or as I love to call it cozy time!

I find it ironic that I insist my kids have a “cozy time” to unwind after the day but I hardly did this for myself. Well, that has changed this year! After my kids are cozy in their beds, I start my routine. This could consist of a decaf tea, a mini facial or a good book. I will admit that sometimes I watch something on the Food Network, and no I don’t get hungry! However, the best thing I find for myself is reading. It gets me to focus on other things and shut off the swirling thoughts I have in my head.

There you have it, some simple ways you can stay healthy all year long while managing your self care. Remember it is a slow and steady race! I would love to hear your self care routines or other thoughts on staying healthy!

Until next time!


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