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Places to Visit NOW!

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I know that I talk A LOT about where you should go in Europe or just how fabulous Europe is. However, I also know that not everyone is interested or can afford to go to Europe. But like me, you still want to travel.

There are plenty of places in the United States that you should and I mean you really should visit. And what places are that, you ask? Well, I will tell you. 

So get ready to pack a bag cause here are my top five places you should visit!


  1. New Orleans: Though most people would go in February to celebrate Mardi Gras, most people don’t realize that Mardi Gras is for families. If you attend the right parades off of Bourbon Street. Say Metarie? However, I would recomend that if you do go to New Orleans you go in March. Why? It is one of the other good months and while Mardi Gras is over there is still plenty to do. There is always a festival going on, and there is still Cafe Du Monde.
  2. Las Vegas: this one is just a DUH! Though I recommend going in March. Why? Well, for some reason Thanksgiving is the HOT time of the year to go. But March? the weather is wonderful, not too hot not too cold. The crowds are bearable and the best part. Regardless of the time of  year you go there is ALWAYS something to do.
  3. San Francisco: Despite my deeply rooted dislike of California there is no place like San Francisco. I mean the food, the people, etc. I recommend going there in July. I know, what? Trust me. The weather is wonderful, and the scene is just popping. I also believe the Summer of Love festival happens in July.
  4. Houston: If I had to pick a favorite it would be Houston. I love the underground mall they have in downtown, I love the restaurants and I LOVE ASTRO WORLD!!!! I would also suggest going in March. Why? The Gulf..enough said.
  5. Seattle: This city runs a close tie with Portland for me. though there is nothing like Seattle.  There really isn’t a right or wrong time to visit this amazing city. Of course there is Pike’s Market to hang out but there are so many other things to do there. Whale watching anyone? While you’re there I would hunt down the house from “Sleepless in Seattle”! Oh and there is a crap joint that is amazing. The Crab Pot, trust me you will LOVE IT!

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What places do you like to visit? If you could go anywhere in the United States where would you go?

Until Next time!



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