My Trip to Saint Helens, Oregon (That turned into a “Twilight” Tour)

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Right before Halloween,  my family and I decided to check out Halloween town in Saint Helens, Oregon. Now, it really isn’t called Halloween town. It is just the location for the movie, and several others like “Twilight”. Anyway, I’ve always wanted to go there simply because I heard that it was just so pretty. I did not intend for this trip to be a “Twilight” Tour!

That is just the way it happened!

At first I assumed the majority of the film had been filmed in Washington. That was until  I was educated by my husband. Originally, I thought Bella Swan’s house was the only film location in Saint Helen. Then the husband got a pamphlet from City Hall that shows you all the sights and wonders to look at during Halloween. Of course there are also online too. Just a quick google search and there you go.

Then after some teasing we ended up at a few of the spots for Halloween Town and Twilight.

This first one is where Edward saved Bella. I cropped the picture to make it cooler then it really is. First off it is a parking lot. Doesn’t look anything like it does in the movie.

Untitled design

Here is the untouched photo


The second place we went, only because we wanted to see the grandmother’s house from “Halloween Town” was the Bloated Toad house. That is right, the house where Bella and Edward ate at in Port Angeles. If you look closer  you can see the little wooden toad. It is on the left.


It was then we realized we went the wrong way. (wink). Heading back the other way we tried finding the “bookstore” but that was a bit of a needle in the haystack, and is very pretty much in the same area as the parking lot above. I did however get the staircase Bella came down, which just so happens to lead from the grandmother’s house in “Halloween Town.”

In the daytime it doesn’t look very spooky.


Oh, I failed to mention that we did go by the movie theater Edward sped by, that seemed like a big deal. Big enough that the town mentioned it in their little pamphlet. Of course I think that is because it played a major role in “Halloween Town”.


moving on…

My tour ended, as did my hike cause Saint Helen’s is awfully hilly, at Bella’s house.


From the moment I saw this house, in the movies, I loved it. Seeing in person, the movies did not do it justice. It is such a cute house!

Regardless of my weird obsession with “Twilight”, visiting Saint Helen’s was actually quite fun. If you don’t go for the Halloween fun, it is a cute picturesque town that is welcoming. I found the people there to be nice and the restaurant we ate out was great. We ate, ironically, across the street of the “Bloaded Toad” at a steak house.

I do not want to persuade you to not visit Saint Helen’s and I sure as heck don’t want to encourage you to go just for “Twilight.” Go for views like this:

20171028_125020.jpgIf you look at the white peak in the distance, that is Saint Helen’s. Really, this little town has so much more to offer then Twilight attractions. It is beautiful!

Though I would be lying if I said I didn’t have fun. It was an adventure on a beautiful Autumn day.

Wanna find out more..check out Saint Helens. 

Have you been to any movie sights? Which ones?

Until Next time!


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