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My Trip to Halloween Town

This time last year I made the short trip up to St. Helen’s to see what this little picturesque town was all about.  That day, Halloween, was full of surprises. I never expected to instantly LOVE St. Helens, and what is there not to love? 

Now one year later I return to the small town that captured my heart, and this year was even better then last. 

St. Helens, if you have never been, is on the Columbia River about 40 min from Portland, Oregon. The moment you drive into St. Helens you instantly think there is nothing special about the little town. And then you get to the water. Unlike most coastal towns, this small little “village” like town is so cozy. The minute you walk up to City Hall you feel as though you walked on to a movie set. And you have. The little town has been “Forks” in Twilight, and of course “Halloween Town” for the movie Halloween Town.  If you are a fan of Gilmore Girls or Hart of Dixie, no neither was filmed here, but the quirkiness of this town makes you feel as though you entered Stars Hallow or BlueBell. 

This year they switched a few things up. Everywhere we went someone mentioned the (90’s effect). Of course we immediately assumed they were talking about the 90’s, you know 1990. However they were not, they were saying 9D’s effect. Apparently it was a virtual ride with a short film. The line was seriously long so I assume it was great! The elephant ears were as always AMAZING! 

Along the main street I also stumbled upon a vendor, next to the “prom shop” from Twilight, where they sold Butterbeer. Mine was frosty cold, and sickly sweet but my kids loved it. 

Of course my trip was not complete with out going to the Twilight house, however this year was a bit different. The house (Bella’s house), has been sold so I am not sure what the new owners have planned. I am sure you can still make a pilgrimage up the hill to see the white house Bella  called home in the movies. 

Hope you all had lovely Halloween!

Until Next time

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