My Top Five things to do on your Anniversary


It is that time of the year, again! My anniversary is coming! I can not believe that it has been over 14 years since I married my husband! It still feels as though we just got married.


With being married for so long how do you keep your anniversary fresh, especially when you are on a budget? The trick is to budge your anniversary into your budget, and if that is not possible then you do something that will make that person feel special. For instance if you can’t buy something for your partner then you should make them their favorite meal, or give them coupons so they can choose what they want to do. Like play games, watch their favorite movies. Use your imagination. (Since, my husband thinks I watch horrible movies, that coupon was really special for me.)


So here are my top five things that you can do for anyone to make them feel special, and still keep the romance alive!

  1. Make them a really good meal. I am not talking about something that is going to stress you out, like a complicated duck dish. I am talking about something that you might have cooked before. Or something that you have had. For my husband’s birthday one year I surprised him by making his mother’s Hawaiian Chicken. He loved it so much that he asks for it during our anniversary as well. Since his mother has passed this makes him feel even more special, cause each time I make him this dish I remind him of her love for him, and how luck he is to have me.
  2. Do something for them that you normally don’t do. Don’t be dirty! Ok, well I guess you can. But in this case I mean like do the laundry for that person or give them a massage. Something that is going to mean loads to them. You could paint your room their favorite color or plant a flower garden for them. Really you are only limited by your imagination.
  3. Go out to your favorite restaurant or theirs or a restaurant that means something to the both of you. This is something you would obviously work into the budget. For us it used to be Claim Jumper-long story. Now that we live in the Pacific Northwest we have a plethora of mom and pop restaurants.
  4. Buy them something meaningful. Sure you can get jewelry or  you can get flowers but what does that really mean to you? My husband likes to buy me small trinkets when he is traveling like a bell from a different state. Or he likes to get me something that I’m going to use, since right now we are trying to downsize for the big move. He also likes to give me books, cause he knows I love them. Again, since we are downsizing I am not getting actual books. For Christmas last year he just upgraded my Kindle. Which was nice cause I used my old one to death.
  5. Have a lunch date. If you have kids and you are on a seriously limited budget this works best for you. And it is sort of romantic.

I’d love to hear some of your ideas on what you can do to create a wonderful annversary with the one you love!

Until Next Time.


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