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My thoughts on POOSH

If you know anything about me, you know that I love Keeping up with the Kardashians. You also know that my favorite is Kourtney Kardashian. Having said that! It has been about a week since she released her lifestyle site called POOSH. Just like the masses out there I have wondered over to the sight to see what this is all about.


I expected to find some really incredible things from Ms. Kardashian. Ok, I expected the norms, fashion, health, make up, etc. But what I did not expect was that she pretty much created the same lifestyle website that is so far out of touch it hurts. I love GOOP, so no I don’t think that everything about POOSH is over the top. However, I feel as though most of her content is recycled from either the internet or her old app.

What I was hoping for was the real meaning of “affordable” healthy lifestyle. I was looking for brands like, Mustella, Clinque, Biodermia, Cetaphil, Or La Roche-Posay, you know the stuff that the regular folks (LIKE ME) researched to find and use to keep ourselves healthy without blowing the budget.

There is nothing more annoying then finding something online that I CAN’T USE, or getting the impression that I can not have a “non-toxic” home because I don’t have a small fortune to blow on products. I know how frustrating it is to need something that isn’t going to do future harm to my body. Or find out a month or two later that the product I bought has a chemical in it that could be harmful. I also know how exhausting it is to look up stuff that is not harmful to me or my family. For example, cough meds. I search the internet, stores and whatever else to find a simple cough medicine that isn’t chalk full of unnecessary ingredients or treats things that I DON’T HAVE. I don’t want to over medicate myself, and I don’t what to over medicate my children. So, I pay the extra fees to get cough meds from Canada, the UK, and even France. (by extra I mean shipping) However, that is still cheaper then buying a ten dollar bottle of cough medicine that treats a million things I DON’T HAVE!

I really want a site to focus more on the things that a “normal” person can afford and actually use. For instance most of my make up, (giving Kourtney credit here) is either Tarte, or Bare Minerals. Why? Because they don’t cost an arm and a leg. I feel like I am getting slapped in the face when I see on a website that I should be using this $200 fountain because it is a clean as can get. Um ok. It is almost as funny as the girl on the internet making a joke that she has to work overtime to afford jeans.

I would have liked to see POOSH highlight other things like the Honest company or Method. OR….perhaps something from Whole Foods.

Now I know she has ideas and items on her site that are reasonable, again credit given above, but I have to sift through the other luxurious items to get to it and honestly I don’t want to. If I am going to do that I might as well do the research on my own.

Content like this on POOSH and sometimes on GOOP, make me fell like these girls are being paid to have these product put on there so to overshadow everything else. And because we all follow the celebrity, we give in and buy things that are not economical.

I am hoping that new content is added, and more items that are affordable are highlighted. I am also hoping that Ms. Kardashian puts up an article or two on how to find items that are non toxic instead of telling me. How did she discover this? Or who told her about that? Why did she trust it? etc.

I also hope she puts information on her website on how WE all can get active in helping Congress “do it’s job,” and demand to have better “affordable” products for us to buy.

(Personally, I think that starts with not putting misleading information on the labels, let’s face it you only read the front!)

Until next time everyone. Please do check out POOSH and decide for yourself if it something you should spend time on, or keep looking.


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