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My Playlist for Autumn


Parmesan Cheese.pngI love music, and during this time of year I love it even more. Except that one year when I worked retail and I heard the same Christmas songs OVER and OVER again! I swore I would never listen to holiday music again! But then I changed jobs and life was better, so now I am back on the seasonal music bandwagon. 

Sorry, I sidetracked there for a minute.

Anyway, back to what I was saying. Here in the Pacific Northwest it gets, during these autumn months all the way through the winter. Now, we may not see the sun until March? Or June-ish but that doesn’t mean we can’t brighten our day. I do that with music.

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Here are a few songs that I listen to. If I peek your curiosity, I’ve provided Youtube links! Yeah!!

  1. Dark Times by the Weekend/ Ed Sheeran (by the way LOVE Ed)
  2. Falling Short by Lapsley 
  3. Do you Remember by Jarryd James
  4. Slow Down by Twiceyoung
  5. Little Lover by Foreign Fields
  6. Everything I am Is Yours by Villagers
  7. By your Side by Sade
  8. Slow Life (with Victoria Legrand) by Grizzly Bear (yes this is from Twilight,  I LOVE the soundtracks)
  9. Prosthetic Love by Typhoon
  10. Secrets by One Republic

I had to limit myself to ten, which meant sadly I forgot to include Imagine Dragons. Just know that normally  Imagine Dragons, Kings of Leon and Linkin Park make up the majority of the music I listen to. Which makes me sad now cause I didn’t include them. I feel like I let my children down.

I have to give you a small list from these bands. So, here are a couple of the songs I Love from them. (Just one a piece…)

  1. Cold Desert by Kings of Leon
  2.  The Messenger by Linkin Park (MY FAVORITE SONG)
  3. My Fault by Imagine Dragons

That was hard! It is so hard to choose one great song from those bands!


Ok, so there you have it, just a few songs I listen to during the Autumn, and all year long!

What songs do you like to listen to this time of year? Or any part of the year.

Sound off in the comments!

Until Next time!


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