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My own 30 day challenge

Just the other day I was looking through photos of myself, looking for the perfect holiday picture, when I noticed what a transformation I went through in three short years. One picture I compared myself (now) to was from 2011, mind you that was when I was at my healthiest. (I think). So when I looked at pictures from 2015, I was appalled. Now what I am not telling you is, and giving myself a break for, was in 2015 I just had a baby. The pictures were from Christmas so my baby was five months old. Needless to say, the pictures were not fair for me to judge. However, looking back at those made me realize how much I do not want to look like that. (for myself)

So, of course I have been working out (semi) regularly. Lately I have been challenging myself, just to see how much I have grown. I personally do not like the “resolution” thing we all seem to do at the beginning of each new year. The one thing I strive for is to be a better person, to myself, and to others.

My getting healthy and fit, to me should never be a resolution, it is a must. So in getting myself in preparation for the old new me, circa 2011, I am giving myself a 30 day challenge.

As a real girl, mother of two, with an embarrassing mom pouch. (that you can only see when I sit down), you can join me! It is always better to do something with friends. 🙂

The Workout and diet plans

my go to cardio, you can find some free ones that are similar on youtube.

First thing, my workouts. You can find them all on youtube. I know what? I have been doing some digging, research, and I am into some weight training and intense cardio. The only equipment I need is a pair of dumb bells, and my own body weight. One of my favorites are the Adidas workouts and the pop sugar. There is a guy on there, I need him more in my life! The great thing about youtube is not only do you have your own personal trainers but you have a variety. It is hard to get board. Plus you have a lot of vloggers who try exercises from celebrities, that you can follow along. That makes it a little fun, to be able to train like a celeb!

My diet is a little stricter. I have said in the past that I am doing the keto diet. And yes that is true. However, part of my brain will not shut up about the fat content. Granted, after research, I must say that it is lean fat. Chicken, turkey, etc. Still, I find it hard to shove bacon, and loads of butter down. ( I know as a French woman I just said I have a hard time with butter. But remember this is the American in me. The one who has been conditioned to believe that too much butter and bacon is very bad. (mind you I am not putting anyone down, this is just the mind frame I have).

So, I have alternated between Keto, Atkins, and Tracy Anderson. Yes, my go to lady. And yes the Kind diet, and yes that is vegan.

For instance, For breakfast I have having the Pepper Onion Egg Wrap. For lunch I am having veggie soup, and for snack some carrots and a fresh dip. For dinner, well today is Christmas eve so I ‘ll be having steak. LOL.

This is actually day three of my journey, but I’ll keep you posted as I go on. Maybe if I am brave enough I’ll even give you my stats. ie weight and weight loss….we shall see.

Let’s do this together!

So, who is with me?

Remember if you are joining me, to make sure you do what is best for you. It is ok to follow my plan but make sure you check with your doctor first. And always drink loads of water! Just cause it is winter doesn’t mean you won’t get dehydrated.

Until next time!


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