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My Low carb cheesy salsa dip

So, I am still trying to lose some baby weight…I know what? Anyway one of the things I am trying not to have is carbs. Or at least a lot of carbs. My husband is a serial snacker, so it makes it hard to join him or to make things for him that are not going to expand the waist line! After  much searching on the internet and experimenting on my own I came up with this.
I hope you enjoy! (Just in time for winter sports! or whatever….)

Here is what you’ll need.

For the cheese sauce
4 oz of cream cheese
2 Tablespoons to 4 Tablespoons of heavy cream-depending on how thin you want the sauce to be. (you can add more)
1/4 cup of finely chopped onions
1 tablespoon of butter
1/2 cup of shredded cheese. I use cheddar, sometimes pepper jack. Really it is up to you!
Saute the onions in the butter until they are translucent. Add the cream cheese and the heavy cream, mixing constantly until you have the sauce thickness you desire.
Add half a cup of shredded cheese.
Combine and mix until the cheese has melted. If your cheese sauce is a bit too thick add a bit more heavy cream Again, it is however thick or thin you want it. If it becomes too thin then add more cream cheese and cheddar.
Next the “Salsa”
dice one tomato
mince or finely chop one fresh jalapino
mince or finely chop two canned jalapeno- you don’t have to add this (see picture for the brand I use) this is optional. If you want more heat then add  more of the fresh. if you don’t have fresh then use the can. I used both cause I had both on hand. Really it is up to you, the flavor you want and the heat you are looking for.
You can also saute these ingredients if you like. I just add it to the cheese mixture while it is hot.
Combine to the cheese.

Wait what about onion? Remember we added it to the cheese sauce. If you want more then by all means, do it!

So there you have it.
What do I eat it on? What do I not eat it on! I use it for dips. For a low carb option I use pork skins. I also use the pork skins and the queso to make nachos…so good. Or burgers…(drooling now)
I use it on eggs, and sometimes bratwurst. Really the options are endless!
When you try it let me know how you used it. Of course if you need me to clear something up or you want to ask me a question feel free to email me.

Until next time!

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