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My inspiration/mood board

My inspiration%2Fmood board.png

Today I am sharing with you all my inspiration/ mood board. I find these very important to anyone who is trying to plan something like a book or is trying to achieve a goal. The reason I find these helpful? Well, that is simple.

When you set a goal, even if you write it down, you can’t see it. You don’t look at the paper everyday. Even if you post it in a spot where you know you’ll see it all the time. ie: you mirror. Sometimes you’ll look at it and sometimes you won’t. Sometimes you read it, sometimes you don’t.

However, with pictures, you can actually visualize the goal you are working towards. (You’ll find mine below.) These pictures are what I am trying to achieve right now. My main purpose as I set my goals was to make sure that I didn’t aim too high. It is better to achieve a small goal first so that you can feel the success and keep motivated.

I really don’t have a method to the way I placed the pictures, I just chose the layout and added pictures that would inspire me. The main focus obviously is me graduating, (April  2017), and moving abroad. The rest are the direct result of graduating and moving.


The smaller goals, are me creating an awesome blog. Working on my own, enjoying the simple life and teaching. I am currently doing my student teaching, so the reason for the smaller picture of a teacher, is to inspire me to be the best teacher I know I can be. And to make sure that I do a great job representing myself at the school I am working with. Cause that is très important!

Looking to make one for yourself? Keep reading!

Mood  and inspirational boards are easy to make, all you have to do is get pictures that represent what you are thinking or setting as a goal. If you are using the mood board to inspire your writing then choose pictures based on the setting, the mood, the characters, the genre, etc. Really, the possibilities are endless. There is not a wrong way to do a mood board, it is all about how you feel.

If you want to share the pictures on your blog or social media,  you will have to use royalty free photos. One great place to do that with is When you find the pictures you want you can head over the to make your board.

As many of you already know, I am a huge believer that if you can see it then you can make it happen. Visualizing yourself achieving something is very powerful, because more times then not it will happen.

So be ready to achieve some goals!

(yes, you have to put in hard work, you can’t just picture it happening. 🙂 )

I’d love to hear how you keep inspired! Sound off in the comments.

Until Next Time.




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