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The Wonder that is Warsaw, Poland

Imagine if you will for one moment a spot in the world that is not like anything you have ever seen in real life. Street vendors line the streets sharing foods they grew up on. The air is thick with pickling fragrances and grilling meats. Mixed in with a savory sweet smell that can only come from something made with sugar. I know you can find street foods practically anywhere, but that doesn’t mean they are any less special.

Now, for another moment wonder where on earth this could be. Well, quite literally this could be anywhere in Europe. But in my mind right now, I am talking about Warsaw, Poland.

As with any European country the city is filled with spectacular gothic cathedrals, open air cafes and monuments to ah and ooo over. For me these are the most interesting things to visit when on vacation. There is something magical and romantic about a medieval city or any city over 200 years old. For me Poland is just as magical, just as romantic.

When I am visiting a European city, I love to sit in a cafe while sipping a simple cafe au lait and people watch. As I have mentioned before, the main thing I do on vacation is relax. I enjoy myself while injecting myself into the local scenery. Sure it is lovely to do adventurous things like jump off the side of mountain or cave diving, but that isn’t for me. For me the most adventurous thing I will do is try steak tartar. For me, happiness is visiting Poland. It means eating traditional Pierogi. If you have never heard of this before, it is very similar to a potsticker but Polish. These little babies come in either savory or sweet. It is wrapped in dough, where could you go wrong?

Being in Poland after all means you are in a cold part of the world, and in any cold climate place you are sure to find many various recipes for soup.  In the pacific northwest, where I am from, soup is almost necessary for some part of the day. I usually like to have my soups for lunch. A good tomato or broccoli cheddar. But in Poland, you are sure to find perfect soups such as tripe soup or even better a pierogi soup!

Last but not least, because I am obsessed with sandwiches one must try a zapiekanka. An open faced sandwich made with a half a baguette or some other bread, topped with sautéed mushrooms, cheese, and other ingredients, this tasty treat it something one should have.

Among the food, as mentioned above, are the sights. Not only are you visually satisfied with history but you are also seeing different European styles. From Russian, to French,Polish, and Roman. You will find buildings that date back to the 10th Century AD.

And of course no visit, for me, is complete until you have visited a museum. If you know a little about your own heritage you could visit a special museum that will speak directly to you. For me that would be the Museum of this History Polish Jews. (Yes, I know I have said in the past I am Catholic and religiously I am. The reason for my choice of museum is for another story, for another time!)

Poland is rich with history, culture and of course incredible food. An idea place for someone who is a history buff or just wants to enjoy the small amount of time they have in the world. This is a place one should visit regardless of the reasons. And of course take loads of pictures.


Until next time!

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