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My idea Trip to Canada

What do you do for a girl who just finished a program that was both challenging and rewarding? Well, you take her on a road trip. Well, technically you would take her to Europe, but since that is a small fortune this time of year, you take her to another country more within her reach.

And since she really wants to go to Vancouver, well then you take the girl to Canada.

Why Canada?

Well that is simple, why not? Canada is a vibrant culture country with amazing views and tons of things to do. Sure in the States a lot of jokes are at Canada’s expense but one shouldn’t listen to those. One should spread their wings and explore the wonders that is Canada. And for myself it is a great way to practice speaking French!

One reason I want to go is because of the FOOD! I watch this crazy show called “Bizarre Foods, with Andrew Zimmerman” on the Travel Channel(in the US), and it is  because of this show that I really want to try certain things in Vancouver. One of these items would of course be a Japadog.

Don’t know what that is? Let me explain. It is a hot dog, with Japanese flare. For instance, the Croquette.

If you don’t know what a croquette is you have not lived. I mean…words just fail me.

Anyway, this little treat is a an Arabiki sausage, and Japanese croquet-(which is fried mashed potato). I am going to let that wash over you.

Another one that makes me excited is the Love Meat, home made meat sauce fused with melted cheese…on a hot dog. Hungry yet?

I have discovered the Japadog can be found in California, to find a location near you or where you can visit please click here for their website.

And of course I need to try poutine fries!

Now, on wards and forwards. One of my favorite things to do in a new city is to get cozy in a sweet little cafe and just people watch. I don’t know why we all feel the need to “do something” while we are on vacation. Have you ever heard the saying “I need a vacation after my vacation?” Ugh, no thank you. When I go somewhere I want to enjoy it. Sure I will do a walking tour, visit a few hot spots like that of Japadog, but mainly I am going to walk and take my time.

A vacation should be a time where you catch your breath. You should feel drained or wore out from it. Aside from food, the other thing I loved to do is sight seeing. I love wondering through a city just visually taking it in. By no means do I sign up for tours. Why? When (for me and my inner nerd) half the fun is researching it myself! So really my idea trip to Canada is eating, sight seeing and straight chilling!

There you have it, my idea of going to Canada. Of course the summer has just started and we shall see where it leads me, but for now this is my idea trip!

I would love to hear plans you have for the summer.

Remember summer is official on June 21st!

Until Next time


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