My Five Favorite Halloween Films

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October is the month where we not only get knee deep into autumn but we also enjoy getting the living daylights scared out of us. Which is why this time of year you will see horror movies hitting the theater. Currently, I think there is “It” (which I will never watch, again), and “UnFriended.”

As great as I am sure those are they do not hold a candle to the movies that I grew up with or learned to love through the years.

So get cozy on the couch, get some popcorn, some M&M’s, soda, or whatever you enjoy and get ready to be scared!


  1. “Scream”- I mean does there need to be a reason? This movie gave you the rules as to why some people died in a movie and why some didn’t. This movie was original and still freaks me out.
  2. “Nightmare on Elm Street”- I just have to mention this one because I found it so scary when I was little. Now, I enjoy the crap out of it. All of them. Especially the one with Jonny Depp, yes he was in a horror movie.
  3. “The Ring”- every damn time the phone rings I wee a little. JK. Seriously, the little girl in this movie freaks the crap out of me. But it is such a good movie.
  4. “28 Days Later”-I’d freak out if I woke up from a comma and found that the world had gone to poo. On top of that the zombies run like marathon runners! This movie is my only zombie favorite-that is scary. My ALL TIME FAVORITE MOVIE is “Shawn of the Dead”
  5. Last but not least “The Others.” All though most people didn’t like this, I loved it. I also got “Sixth Sense” vibes from it. I mean what is scarier then not knowing that you are dead? And to boot thinking that you are being haunted.

So there you have it movies that make me clink to my husband in a white knuckle grip. Well, not so much “Nightmare on Elm Street” (anymore) but the others well they make me want to sleep with the light on. So either I scare pretty easy or I am just like you!

Either way these movies are great for waiting for trick or treaters, date night, or any night that you want to me scared.

Until next time!

Happy Halloween!


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