Moving in Stages


As I enter a new chapter in my life, I am also faced with a particular challenge. As many of you already know, moving is a pain in the rear end. While you pack somethings, and try to forget why you bought them, you also start to go through what you should keep and what you shouldn’t keep.

I am moving halfway around the world so figuring out what I’m going to keep is a more of a chore and a necessity then I realized. The thing that motivates me to purge is the fact that I am going to pay by weight to move my stuff.

One the of the best things I am finding to do now, is to start the packing and the purge months before my move.

For example: I know I’ll be moving sometime in the summer, so all of my winter items (heavier things) and jackets meant for snow can be boxed up and sent to a storage unit. Done out of the way!

As soon as Christmas is over I can do the same with my Christmas ornaments, and finally get rid of my tree.

This also releases STRESS!

I have a ton of pictures that I will need to scan and put on a cloud, hard drive, and external hard drive, before I pack up my framed pictures and photo albums. (back ups just in case!) This is another way I can get ahead of the game. It also gives me the opportunity to get rid of frames I’ve had since high school. (pick a year I graduated and that is how long I’ve had some!)


Another great thing about getting rid of clothes, furniture and items that I’ll never use again, I also have time to research moving companies. The closer it gets to moving time, I’ll have my checklist ready to go!

Of course if you need advice on moving domestically check out this link to Martha Stewart. (My go to girl for EVERYTHING)

MarthaStewart Moving Tips! 


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