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Why I Make Holiday Treats

This time of year  I bake like a grandma on speed. The baking starts in November and continues until January producing wonderful delights such as;  cookies, a yule log and fudge. I love baking, even when it causes some stress! Here is the main reason why my husband and I make the things we do.  

When ever my husband and I do any baking we always ask ourselves if this has a memory or relates to our culture. Not all the time, just around this time of year. The reason for this is because it keeps traditions going. It also keeps memories of those we loved and lost alive.  As parents, this opens the door to conversations with our boys. We talk more about why this cookie is special or retell the story of the yule log.

One of the traditional things we are making this year are my mother in-law’s sugar cookies.

As a little boy, my husband’s mother  and grandmother would make them every year for Christmas. Growing up he would help her from time to time but as he became a man he just enjoyed them. It has been five years since she passed away, and those cookies have become even more special to him. So much so that this year he decided to show our two boys how to make them.

It is reasons like this that make the holidays special. It isn’t about getting presents. It is about making memories. Personally, I love seeing the excitement on the kids’ faces when they are allowed to help us with mixing or cracking an egg. Then when they learn “these cookies are for Santa” their eyes grow large and round and they get a little nervous.  It is really adorable.

I can not wait till we make more of these wonderful cookies!

Are you guys doing any baking? What are you going to bake?

Until Next time!

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