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Knitting is my new Obsession

My grandmother used to sit in front of the television watching soap operas and knit. I knew when something exciting was happening when I heard the sound of her needles clanking rapidly together. 
She used to knit the cutest sweaters and blankets, all year round. Though she never showed anyone how to knit, I learned using the great powers of YOUTUBE.
My first project was hats!

Sadly, you may think less of me when I say this next part. I wanted the beanie from “Eclipse”. That’s right I wanted the hat from “Twilight”. 
So, after searching the large web universe I found the pattern and got to knitting. To save face I did not use the colors suggested or even the colors of Bella’s hat. I chose to do my own colors. You can see my finish product in the picture below!
I made this.png
 From there I went on to make fingerless gloves. One such gloves I made were from “Harry Potter”. I chose to make the fingerless gloves Hermonie wore in “The Deathly Hallows, Pt 1”. Then I decided to challenge myself and I made her fair Isle scarf from “The Half Blood Prince.”
Untitled design (1).png
Untitled design.png
Each time I make something I feel as though I have accomplished something. It also makes me feel good that I created something, that someone else might not have. I know sounds silly, especially since I made things from movies! 
Knitting isn’t hard, and if I can learn off watching videos you can do it too. Especially, when you see something that you really like. I found that I even enjoy it. I really enjoyed it when I made my first sweater. One of my favorite things about knitting is that there is always a challenge. Granted, I don’t know how much more challenging things can be after the scarf! That was a tad hard! I dreamed about snowflakes for days!
So this fall and winter, pick up some yarn and knitting needs and start a new hobby. Make something cozy, something original. If you’re like me and you can’t come up with patterns yet, then look to instagram. Some of my favorites are
@knitting_inspriation, @knittingwonders, and @woolandthegang.  
Not only will you find inspirations but you’ll gain access to links to their etsy stores or ravelry accounts. 
Now get to knitting!
Until Next time. 
Stay cozy my friends. 

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