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I am French, and Scottish. My entire upbringing was more European than American. The traditions I celebrate now are still very European but with an all American husband I have started including more and more American traditions into our lives. 

For instance, I never celebrated Thanksgiving. I know strange. My mother is an immigrate and Thanksgiving was never apart of her life. So when she came to America she never adopted it. However, I did have opportunities to share a Thanksgiving meal with some of friends from time to time.

Christmas was not necessarily a time for gift giving, which we did but it was more on the smaller scale. So I learned more about the value of Christmas then focused on what I was going to get from Santa.

As I’ve gotten older I have discovered how important it is to keep family roots and traditions alive. For instance, I like to celebrate French holidays (which as somewhat the same as here), and I acknowledge French historical moments.

During Easter I make hot cross buns, I make homemade chocolates of various animals. Since my kids are also American, I include the Easter Bunny. So they get the best of both worlds.


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At Christmas I make a yule log, which for me is a staple. I try to make them excited about what Christmas is about rather then what is under the tree. One way I do this is by not going over board with presents. They tend to get three for four gifts, which includes one very large one and various small ones. Through the twenty five days we discuss the reason for Christmas and how it is celebrated differently in France. My older son had the privilege of celebrating Christmas in France when he was ten. He was able to see how different the two cultures are. Soon my two year old will enjoy Christmas there too.


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The reason roots are important is because it is who we are. Roots, traditions and values are nothing that we should be ashamed about. All of our ancestral backgrounds have something embarrassing about them, but that isn’t what we are celebrating. I want my kids to be proud of both their French, and American roots. I want them to pass those roots, traditions and stories to their kids. I want them to know and be proud of who they are and where they came from.

Do you think it is important to celebrate your roots? What traditions do you cherish?

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