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Keeping a Travel Journal

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If you are anything like me, when you travel you want to remember EVERYTHING. Taking pictures don’t really “tell” the story of your adventures the way a journal can. Some of my friends will send themselves postcards as keep sakes or to get something fun in the mail. I enjoy that idea but when it comes to my journal I do a little more. 

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With the post cards I collect, I usually look for something more then a snap shot of the town. For instance when we were in Köln, Germany (Cologne), I purchased postcards that showed the cathedral we were at after being bombed by the United States. (I love history)  I also bought a few that represented Christmas in Germany. These I put into my journal along with a little paragraph or two of how I felt, the weather and smells. by the way this time of year Germany smells like licorice. I wrote that down, and took deep breaths. Even now when I smell something remotely close to that smell I am taken back to that magical time.

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But let’s back up.

You can use your journal to plan your trip. That’s right, you can create a flexible itinerary. write down the places you want to visit, restaurants you want to try or places you want to stay at.

While you are on the plane you can also write about how you are feeling on the way there. Write about how you think the trip will be, what you are hoping for and what you are most excited about. If you are like me and you don’t really make cemented plans you can write about the things you are looking forward to do should the moment arise.

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Though I love to write, I understand that most people have a hard time creating a sentence. Don’t put pressure on yourself to write a novel. Write what feels natural. If nothing is coming to you then glue pictures, receipts, postcards, napkins, menus etc inside your journal. It is yours so be as creative as you want to be. If you want to make it a working scrapbook then do it. If you want to load it with silly stickers then do it. You are not going to be graded on it!


Tip: As someone who loves keeping receipts this is a bit tricky because the ink does fade after a certain amount of time. Short of laminating the thing I suggest scotch tape over the entire receipt. I would use acid-free, scrapbook and photo safe tape. This helps preserve it a bit.

Just like the world, your journal is your oyster. Get one that you love. If you love it you’ll write in it. Barnes and Noble tends to have a variety of lovely journals that inspire even the most reluctant writer. They vary from sweet cherry blossom patterns to literature scenes to leather covered.

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Tip: The pen you use is important. Find the pen you love, and make sure that it is acid free, or scrapbook approved. So the ink doesn’t fade or bleed.

There you are, ways to keep a traveling journal. I hope these help you in your traveling adventures. If you have other ways of keeping a journal please let me know, I may use them!

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