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Joanna Gains is my Spirit Guide

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In a society that is focused so hard on staying young it starts to become exhausting trying to figure out where you fit in.

I am not a person to wear super tight clothing showing off my goods in a desperate attempt at attention. Nor am I bold enough to wear neon lipstick, but hey each his own right?

In the middle of the seven circles of hell there is a bit of hope and that is Joanna Gains.

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You may know her from HGTV’s Fixer Upper.  (I know Joanna as my spirit guide.) She is the other half of Chip Gains, who makes life just a little brighter. But in Joanna’s life, he appears to be a solid life partner. From what I’ve learned watching the show,  he seems to give Joanna the support and guidance that she needs throughout her journey. But that isn’t want gets me all excited about trying to achieve some level of my own success. What gets me excited is that Joanna seems to manage “It all!”

She spends as much time as she can with her kids, and LIKES IT! Gasp! She has a happy marriage that she maintains. Yes, marriage requires maintenance. You really should “date” your husband or wife.  (I think of an American Dad episode when this comes up called “Flirting Disaster”. Fran and Stan can’t flirt with each other cause it’s weird.)

Joanna has her own business, oh and LOVES doing what she is doing! And to top it all, she makes things from scratch! WHATTT!!!!


I a few interviews that I have read Joanna mentioned her reluctance to taking big risks, which I am sure anyone can relate to. I get anxiety even thinking about taking a huge jump. (Exhibit A. It took me almost two years to start this blog!)

Despite this, and with the help of Chip, Joanna has forged ahead bringing her dream to fruition. And even if you are a naysayer or some who likes to see others fail you can’t help but admire that. As a woman, I admire Joanna. As a person I admire Joanna.

She shows me, that even the quiet shy girl with little to no self-confidence can create something beautiful.

So keep on keeping on Joanna Gains!

Regardless of how you think of Joanna, I admire her.

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(Images of “Fixer Upper are from HGTV and Pop

(Images of “American Dad” are stills from “American Dad” on Fox and/or TBS)

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  • Sparkyjen

    If Joanna is all that you say she is, I admire her too. She sounds inspiring. As you put it, she has forged ahead. That’s what you have to do, and like her also be able to accept help, ask for help, appreciate help. Joanna sounds like she has the stuff to be her highest and best self. Lovely thing too is…she’s willing to pass it on!

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