It is ok to be a Lady! Here are 8 tips to get your Started.


I know that in this day and age it seems that if you are anything but a feminist you are not worthy. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t hold on to tradition and values. Being a lady doesn’t necessarily mean that you are surrendering your feminist status. If anything it only enhances you as a person.

Being a lady is defined differently from the early nineteenth century. Now I believe it means that you carry yourself with dignity, confidence and intelligence. I believe that a lady demands respect, appreciation and illustrates that you have standards. High standards, which every girl should have. Cause you are special! 


After doing some reading and looking at old school etiquette, I realized that some of the lady aspects should be updated but there are a few that are traditional but they are still relevant.

My inspirations! Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. (This picture is from ET.Com, click here to read to visit picture and article)

Here are just a few!


  1. Manners: this is just common sense. You wouldn’t talk with your mouth full or talk to your  boss with foul language.
  2. Dress Right: Dress for the occasion, meaning you wouldn’t show up to grandma’s house wearing fish net stockings and a see through shirt with no bra. (Unless Grandma is super eccentric).
  3. Being Helpful:  Helping others, either by helping them across the street, or just a coworker.
  4. Turning off your phone: Putting your phone on silent or vibrate during meals, movies or special nights.
  5. Stay clear of being a Gossip: This can ruin your reputation as an honest person. If you want to have a career where trust is important you don’t want to be known as the person who couldn’t hold their tongue. Especially when they drink. You word means something. People should know they can rely on you..
  6. Don’t get drunk:   When at home, by all means knock it back. But when in public, especially a work function, just don’t do it. Are you a loud drunk? Do you make poor decisions when you drink? All factors that could cost you a lot, especially in the job department.
  7. Be kind to others: I know that it is hard but trust me it will get you far. Be kind to those around you and be a good listener. This will also help build your trustworthiness. Especially if you are looking to be the big boss one day. You want people to feel comfortable and safe when coming to you.
  8. Don’t act Stupid:  What does this mean? Well, let me put it like this. You are educated, even if your education stopped at high school. That doesn’t mean you are not smart. Today’s modern woman, and feminist, is intelligent. The best part about today, this century, is we do not have to be ashamed of that. If you are smart, act like it. If you can hold a political conversation like a champ then hold it. Just don’t be a know it all or smug about it.  Otherwise people won’t want to talk to you, not because they are threatened by your intelligence but because they find you rude. if someone you speak to can not handle that you are a strong intelligent woman who can string more then one sentence together, or they are intimidated by you cause you know what you are talking, then don’t bother with them. You are allowed to be intelligent!

There you have it a few tips on being a lady. Remember being a lady should not mean sacrificing who you are, or what you are. Most of what I mentioned above could apply to anyone. I mean would you trust a sloppy drunk male boss? Or a male boss who gossiped? For me, these are common sense rules that should and could apply to everyone.


If there is a tip you would like to add please comment below!


Until Next Time!


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