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In Regards to GDPR!

Just checking in!

Hey Guys,

So as you know, there have been some changes made to the inter webs! Some of you who are subscribers enjoy getting my hot and fresh blog posts directly in your emails. But I want to make sure you guys are still happy and delighted to be apart of my little community.

Surprise! There are new EU regulations for personal data protection that require me to have consent to send you emails. Since you all in one way or another asked or gave consent to be subscribed to my blog posts, you will not be unsubscribed. I have so much more to say!

Remember at anytime you want to change your subscriptions or “purge” what you get in your emails, you can unsubscribe at anytime by clicking the button at the bottom of your emails.

Now I have to get back to my entertainment sights, I mean research, for my next topic!



I have added a privacy policy to the site. I will be updated it as I learn more about GDRP.

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