Here’s what I think Khloe (and you) should consider after heartbreak!


Unless you live under a rock you know Tristan Thompson cheated on his pregnant girlfriend Khloe Kardashian. What you do not know is if she will forgive him or leave him.

For some of us the answer is rather simple. He has a past of cheating on his girlfriends so yeah Khloe should dump him. Regardless of having a baby in the picture.

Then there are the romantics that believe he can be changed. His past indiscretions have been brought to the surface, which means he can repent. So Khloe should forgive him. 

Photo provided by Khloe Kardashian and taken from instagram. @khloekardashian

Personally, I can not tell which way Khloe should go. I do know that she has some experience with a cheating partner, so I am sure she might have seen or noticed some signs of his infidelity. If she did notice she might have ignored them. Which is the easiest thing to do since it is the less painful. Or she just didn’t see anything because she was wearing rose colored glasses. If she was living in another world one can not blame her. Khloe was feeling loved, she was on cloud nine and then on top of that she was finally going to become a mom.

We have all seen her life before Tristan. Like most of you, I too hoped that Khloe would find ever lasting love that she would finally become a mom after Lamar.

Khloe is EVERY GIRL!  For me she is relatable and has felt similar pain as I had. She is the girl you want to run to when things are horrible. She is the girl you want to have your back. These past ten years she has become not only my favorite but my soul sister.  I was heartbroken with her when the truth finally came out about her marriage, and I was also blinded by Tristan. He was rather convincing, from what Khloe has shared with us.

The situation she has found herself in is a rather delicate one. I understand completely that she wants to enjoy this new time with her new baby; True. I understand nothing else matters. At this point she might have already made up her mind. As far as we know Tristan might be a single man.

The question is, if Khloe chose this path what should she do now?

Khloe should focus on herself and her daughter. I do not understand how someone can be “so in love” one week and in the next have a new “love”. Khloe should figure things out with herself, much like her older sister Kourtney did. Her daughter HAS a father, good or bad. I am guessing Khloe will make sure he is apart or her life, so there is nothing to worry about there. As far as her love life goes, I think that should go on the back burner. I mean this for anyone who has been hurt severely like Khloe. There is so much to pull through at this point in her life, bringing someone else on will only repeat the cycle. I believe.

Let’s think about it for a second.

If she were to “get right back out there” any relationship she starts is a rebound. AND we all know the person she dates next will probably be a basketball player. Maybe that is where she is going wrong. Maybe Khloe should look outside of that environment. Perhaps when she is ready to date she should date someone who enjoys basketball as much as she does, but doesn’t play it. Perhaps she should look at her own values and reevaluate what is important then search for a mate based on those values.

From what the Kardashians have said, their father was an amazing person. Perhaps Khloe should use some of her father’s traits, valves and personality to look for her next partner.

I am not saying that you or Khloe, if you have been cheated on, deserved or asked for it. What I am trying to get it at is sometimes when you are running in the same circle you tend to repeat the same routines and patterns.

A wise persons once said,“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.. (Albert Einstein). I also believe Khloe herself said this. 

Advice for anyone!

In the end, if you choose to stay with your partner after they have cheated on you be sure you are able to live with that choice. It has to not only be good for you but also for your state of mind. If you find yourself unable to trust your spouse, partner, or whatever then maybe you should reconsider. After all there is no love if you can’t trust.

If you decide to leave your cheating partner, then take a deep breath. It is not the end of the world. Re-evaluate your life, your feelings and everything! Strip away the artificial things you look for in a partner, such as looks. And start thinking about what is truly important to you. I am not saying this is the answer to never being cheated on again, but it is a start!


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