Harness your Mental Health

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There are moments in our lives that we either cherish or we wish we could forget. One of the biggest struggles some of us face is forgetting. Why is it that somethings can be forgotten while others remain relevant? Even if that memory happened long ago. Could it be that when the memory was made we didn’t have the tools to process it? Or could it be just something that just happens depending on the person?

This is why it is important to maintain your mental health. We are constantly doing things to better our skin by keeping those wrinkles away. Getting our hair cut or maintained. We make regular appointments to check our eyes and our teeth. And when we don’t feel well we go to the doctor for some kind of check up.

But notice that I didn’t mention that you talk to your doctor about feelings that you are experiencing or visiting a therapist for a good venting chat. These are things we don’t do. Why? I can only think that the reason we don’t talk about our feelings or what we are experiencing because we think we are being weird or we are going to be laughed at. I am sure there are other reasons, and they are just as valid. 

The truth is our emotions get pushed down so deep, like that of a soda you shook up, and eventually the pressure gets to be too much. Soon you’re exploding all over the place. Only then do we seek out medical help.

But what if we regularly went to the doctor? Like we would a dentist or the salon? Think of how much better you would feel if you could put into perspective how you are feeling. Think about how little pressure your little bottle of soda would have?

There is nothing wrong will feeling blue, whether it is all the time or once in a while. There is something wrong with ignoring it or never talking about it. While I know that the it is hard to talk to someone, even our friends, I do suggest going to a therapist.

Sometimes it is easier to talk to someone you don’t know.

I have, and will again, suggested writing in a journal. While that may be fine and dandy I must warn you that often times that is not enough. If you are feeling lower than blue, your happy times are sporadic and more times then not you just don’t feel like doing anything, there isn’t much that a journal can help you out with.


Before I talk to someone, I like to see if I can naturally release some tension by working out. These are the times I spend almost an hour on the treadmill. While my anxiety varies on the situation, I have researched different techniques to use when I am feeling that little tingle of anxiety about to rear its head. But when things are just beyond that, say this last week I’ve noticed that I am not in the cheeriest moods and all I want to do is cry like a baby, I know that something is wrong. When I was going through postpartum depression, I did not recognize what I was experiencing and I felt as though I was losing my mind. Nothing I felt was being validated or even taken seriously. It wasn’t until I talked to someone that I started to learn how to recognize and cope with what I was experiencing.

And honestly, I am much better now that I have the tools to address what is happening.

If you or someone you know is going through some hard times be there for them. Encourage them to talk to you or to someone else. Don’t let those feelings become monsters!


Until next time!

Take care.


if you need to really talk to someone about dark feelings or you want to hurt yourself please reach out!

here is also a link to online therapy, if you do a google search you’ll be given other sites if this one is not for you




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