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I am such an introvert that it is almost ridiculous. Some find me strange because I love overcast, rain and snow. Granted, I have never experienced Alaskan or mid-west type snow storms, but I do love the snow I have experienced.

That being said, I hate hate hate the beach.

I know…WHAT!?

It is true and the funny thing is because my mother is so dark I tan like a golden goddess. (it is perfectly ok for your to roll your eyes here). So, back to what I was saying, I don’t like the beach, I don’t like suntan lotion, I hate tanning and I hate the sand.

Right about now I can tell what you are thinking, “Why on earth did this girl go to the beach if she hates it so damn much?”

Well, I’ll tell you. My husband wanted to do something fun and I had just passed my state exam so I was feeling a bit excited. Dressed in my new sun dress, armed with sunblock and sunglasses and even a sweatshirt in case we stayed out longer than the sun.

my sundress, take it in probably the only proof I don’t always wear pants.

Now, let me backtrack for a second. Originally, I hale from California where the beaches are BLAZING hot. The sand burns your feet with each step, the water is mildly warm and the sun beats down on you.

So, I sort of, despite the warnings I had gotten from fellow Oregonians, that the beaches here were different, I ventured out to the great Pacific.

Seaside, Oregon

Now, at first the beach look innocent enough. As with a normal beach it was pretty windy, with the water rushing towards the shore. Except, I wasn’t sweating my butt off. In fact (late June, early July), it was a cool 66 degrees. A smile still pulls at my lips when I think about that.

For me it was perfect.

The combination of the weather, the beach and just the right amount of sun made for a lovely afternoon. We ate lunch right on the beach with some stalking seagulls lurking around us.

Once we finished our lunch we opted to jump into the water. Now, when I say jump into the water I really mean just dip our toes in it.

Unlike any other beach I’ve been on the sand on this beach was super fine, almost like dust. The beaches of my youth consisted of sand that was rough, almost like tiny rocks that scratched your skin. Then there was the water. I knew the water wasn’t going to be anywhere near the temperature of a bath but I was not expecting it to feel as though it was run off from a glacier!

However, my younger son-though scared at first-started to really enjoy it. In fact after he got over his initial fear he was running after the water. Thankfully, the second time dipping our feet in was a bit warmer. Either that or we were numb from the knees down.

water is pretty but don’t let it fool you…its cold!

Finally finished with the beach, after a good round of soccer with a two year old, enjoying the breeze and dipping in the water for the third time we decided to take a walk around. My husband and I often walk off the beaten paths. Tourist sites are just too distracting and you don’t really get to see the actual town. Seaside, away from the little shops and restaurants, is actually very cute. Along the boardwalk we obviously saw the Lewis and Clark statue and the welcome sign, but further down we saw homes that were so cute it looked like something from a fairy tale.

photo by me…just wanted to say something.

Once we were sure the sand had blown away and the baby was good and passed out we decided to call it a day. Regardless, of how much we got into the water or how cold it was visiting the beach in Seaside was perfect. It was the first adventure we embarked on since moving to Oregon and I’ll say a darn good one!

If summer is more like what we experienced in Seaside, I may change my mind and start liking it!. Until my next adventure or rant!


See you in San Francisco next week!!

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