Four favorite Jackets for Winter

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This time of year is my favorite, even if it is dark and gloomy and not much to do outdoors. I love being out in the rain or the snow. I love the biting cold pinching at my cheeks, and my breath clouding in front of me.

I also love wearing really warm coats! So, if you are in need of a warm coat here are a few ideas for you. (Note, I am not being paid to tell you about these coats, these are just some of my favorites! Currently, I’m in the market for a really good parka so like you I’m looking too!)

I’ve also included the links to each jacket just for you! 

  1. I have been looking for the perfect Parka and I think I may have found it here at American Eagle.


This sweet little number will run you about $149. I have bought jackets from AE before and they are worth the price. Trust me I would not spend this kind of money on a jacket it they didn’t last. However, if you are unsure I’d read the reviews and check it out in store. (if you can, sometimes they are online exclusives. Having said that AE does have a really good return policy)

2. This jacket, also from American Eagle is sort of like an updated version of the one I bought a couple of years ago. That jacket has saw me through winter in Germany nice and cozy like! This one will run you about 129.


3.This jacket I fell in love with is from Banana Republic, and as of November 9th, it is on sale for $174.00. I have purchased coats from Banana Republic before, a trench coat, that sucker has lasted me! I think I bought it five years ago now. It is made of great quality, which makes me believe this one is no different!



one last one, is from the \

4.This one looks like it would keep anyone warm. Again it is a parka, and already I’m in love! This one is $139.00. (As of November 9th it was on sale)


I’d love to hear anyone who purchased any of these lovely coats, or even tried them on!

Until next time, Keep warm my friends.


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