Favorite Things about Autumn


Every year as the weather gets cooler, or if you’re here in the Pacific Northwest it just gets cold. (Instantly, and I love it). There are not only obvious changes happening around you, there are also subtle changes. Yes, the trees change colors and it is beautiful. But also, pumpkin spice comes back to Starbucks and everything else from creamers to breakfast muffin mixes. The smell of cinnamon and cloves permeate the air around Michael’s and Joanna’s fabrics. It is such a warm and lovely scent that we find ourselves at our favorite stores buying candles that smell like a fresh baked pumpkin pie, something cinnamon or vanilla.

Soon, in a few short weeks, I’ll be taking my two year old shopping for his Halloween costume, and a few days later we’ll be heading to the pumpkin patch for a little baby pumpkin and a large pumpkin- that will be turned into a jack-o-lantern.


This isn’t my son’s first Halloween, but it is one that he can actively participate in. So that makes this a super fun season.

Of course this is also the time of year when everything we watch is scary or suspenseful. Currently, I am reading the book “I am Watching You,” by  Teresa Driscoll.


There are a great deal of other things to look forward to during this time of year. For us here, already, we get to gather our sweaters and thermals and get cozied up. It isn’t so cold that I need  scarf and hat but we will get there.

Another one  of my favorite things to wear is cabin socks, I like getting mine from a sporting store we have here called “Dick’s”. (Go ahead and laugh).

Since it has been awhile since I’ve bought some pajamas, I’ll also be purchasing a warm snuggly pair.

Last year, our fall and winter were a bit chilly! This year I am busting out with the flannel sheets! And even though I am not buying anything new, since we are trying to downsize our things for the big movie, I may buy the babies their own flannel sheets.

Along with the cooler weather also comes with the fragrant smells of fireplaces. We will be gathering wood to keep us extra cozy at night when we are snuggled on the couch watching a good show, or movie.

This is just the tip of the season, and just a few of the favorite things that my family and I like to do. What are something you enjoy about Autumn? What are your traditions?

Sound off in the comments below!

Until next time!


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