Emotions are Tender…Weak..and frightening



Emotions are Tender...Weak..and frightening.png
I can not tell you how horrible it feels to be in the middle of a tragedy such as a terrorist attack. I can only give you insight on how it feels when someone you know and love is surrounded by the uncontrolled events.

I have a friend, who is currently in London, and will remain there for awhile. When I first heard about the attack on London Bridge I instantly thought of her and her family. Though, part of me was stern that she was nowhere near the bridge. I still needed to hear her voice. 

Regardless, of my common sense I still had to be sure.

Though I hate being told news through social media, when I read her message regarding her safety, I was bombarded with wave after wave of relief.

It really puts things into perspective when someone you know is affected by a senseless act such as terrorism. The first thing that pops into your mind is hatred. And as with everything we must put a face behind the finger we are pointing.

In this case it is not easy. The face is many and is often shrouded in darkness. On one hand you want to blame the group that is responsible but it is hard to just narrow that hate down. Why? Because those associated with these groups could be ANYONE. Regardless of your attitude towards the evil that is terrorism, as an intelligent person you understand that not everyone is a terrorist and you try to ignore that it is a coincidence that those who are terrorist come from a particular sect of religion.

So how do you react?

Should you take it in stride or just brush it off as a group of angry individuals who want to destroy life as we all know it?

In a world where people would demand that you have some kind of tolerance you have to ask yourself many questions. One in particular is “Isn’t it enough already?”

France has been attacked several times in a handful of years, London is now being bombarded with attacks. When is it all going to end?

As with any war at some time there has to be a sit down. Treaties to go over, deals to be made and for the love of all that is holy guns put away.

I am feeling quite tender and have been since the Manchester Attacks. (I lied since Charlie Hebdo.) With each new attack I feel more and more enraged, so to say that I am losing all compassion for those who are not receiving tolerance or our compassion is an understatement. I don’t know who needs or can bring this to an end but I PRAY that it happens so before we destroy ourselves.

My post today may be clouded by my confusion and my anger. However, please know that I only wish for the terror to stop.

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