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Who said girls can’t drink beer? Um..I don’t know either. However, most girls don’t drink beer. Why? Could it be because they are crazy? Cocktails are gross and hello full of calories. Yet, girls stay clear from beer.

Is it the taste?

Is it the fact that for the longest time beer was thought of as a man’s drink?

Well, put that behind you!

There are some really really good beers out there, and just like nasty cocktails you need to try different beers.

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(image is from AOL. Click here for article and picture.)

I am a firm believer that wine is also important at certain occasions. But when I am hanging out in a bar, listening to really good music or it is a particular holiday-as seen Mrs. Kate Middleton is participating in the celebration above-wine will not do.

There is nothing wrong with having a beer every now and again. As a special treat even. You have the rest of your life to think about calories and being classy. But seriously pull that stick out, this is the 21 century and we ladies are allowed to wear pants! We are allowed to have fun and drink a beer!

Other reasons why you should drink beer. Hmm, let me think. Ah, yes the cost. It is cheep! Yes, even really good beer. For a girl on a budge you can chip in and get a picture with your friends. Two drinks right there!

I know we live in the age where “I am woman hear me roar,” but admit it sometimes it feels good to be thought of as pretty. It is sort of sweet when some guy wants to spend his hard earn cash on you. Now, you’ve moved passed the argument “I can take care of myself, ” and accepted his invitation for a drink. You order a “sex on the beach.” If you can say this without blushing, or thinking he is going to think more into it, girl you are brave! If you are shy, as the rest of us are, then you can ask for a beer. Just make sure you understand that you can’t go from a light beer to a Guinness. (baby steps).

You’ll also find that beer doesn’t takes like battery acid like most cocktails. Another bonus! Oh and the games! There are games associated with drinking beers, especially at get together.

Now for the aftermath! Think about the morning. Yes, think about it. A hangover with hard alcohol, which you get with cocktails, delivers a serious pounding on your poor body. Not only does it give you a monster headache but it oozes out of your pores, even after three showers. Then there is the need to have something seriously greasy. McDonald’s won’t do. No, you need something wrapped up in a burrito that has orange greasy oozing out the bottom and down your arm. Once you have stomached your burrito then you can finally take some pain meds. Let’s face it, if you took the meds before you might have to say your prayers in front of the toilet god. Trust me you do not want to do this at a Seven Eleven bathroom.

Moral of the day. Drinking a beer will show that you, yes you can hang with the best of them. You can take a beer and you can put away at least two without a necessary vomit trip to the bathroom. So, be bold. Be daring, grab a beer and show the world that yes ladies drink beer!

And tell me all about it!

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