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Do you rock the lady bush?

Do you rick

In this day and age when celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Kourtney Kardashian admit that they rock the seventies bush it makes a girl think.

Why am I torturing myself!!

I don’t know about you or what your grooming habits are but dammit it is time to make a change. Who are we really trimming the lady part for? If it was for me then it wouldn’t feel like a chore every time! Oh, and those in between times wouldn’t annoy me with the brillo pad sensations.

If we are doing it for the main squeezes in our life then we need to take a good hard look at our relationships. Sure, I am a fan of doing something special for your lovey. There is nothing wrong with asking your partner to shave their back or trim the unruly eyebrows. But those types of requests are almost for the other person’s own good. OTHER PEOPLE SEE THAT STUFF TOO! But unlike your lady bits, only you, your partner and your doctor get the honor of checking that stuff out. (oh and the paparazzi should you be a celebrity reading this. Don’t want to leave anyone out!)

Did you know that the hair down there is actually good for you? It is a natural barrier to keep things that don’t belong  from getting in. Things like pathogens, bacteria, oh and it helps as a buffer, which prevents skin abrasions. Don’t believe me Google it!

Aside from the health benefits let’s think about the costs. It is ridiculous getting waxed down there almost once a week. And if you’re super hairy then two to three times a week. Is that cost really worth the pain? Of course, you could go the cheaper route of shaving but seriously that is dangerous. Think about it! You know how a nick on your leg feels like when soap hits it, well imagine that in your lady bits!

As an added bonus to grooming, you subject yourself to ingrown hairs. Lovely. STI risks, a bacteria that can enter the body from down there. Oh, and you can develop abscesses.

For those of you that need to know what an abscess is well it is a pocket of pus. I would show you a picture but I don’t want you to throw up on your computer. Just google it, at your risk!

So in conclusion, and because I care, think about yourself before you bare yourself. Is this really what you want? And what is wrong with trimming?

Sound off in the comments how you feel about the seventies look are you for it or against it? If you are too shy email me and I’ll post your comments anonymously.

Until next time!


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