Deciding to Move to Another Country

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When you are little you think about all the adventures you are going to go on as an adult. You think about it so much that you stop wanting to be a child and wish you were a grown up so you can start your adventures now.

However, life doesn’t always work out the way we like it to. Things distract us, and sadly we are always at the mercy of a fluctuating economy.

One day you decide that you are going to take an adventure. You’re ducks are in a row, you stopped worrying about the world economy and have worked solely on your personal economy. Money has been saved, education in tack along with whatever else that pertains to your life. So you decide to take the leap.

I can not tell you how the overwhelming feeling of moving from something you have always known to something you have only known maybe once, or just selected it by turning a globe and stopping it with your finger. Just know that it is like a punch to the gut.

As I am trying to figure out what I am going to ship and what I am going to throw away or donate I am worried about losing sentimental items and sadly letting go. I like to think of myself as non materialistic but let’s face it, we all materialistic. ( myself included.)

When I feel myself starting to worry about not taking my televisions with me, I remember when my mom came to this country some forty plus years ago, she only had one suitcase.

Sometimes that makes me feel better. If I’m being honest!

Currently, I am moderately literate in my second language and almost able to read it, which means that I should be speaking it like a champ soon! Teaching my children is a different beast. My younger son, who is two, absorbs it like a sponge. But my older son, who also has intellectual handicap makes it a little harder. Having said that, he is learning, just at a much slower rate. 🙂 On a funny note, my husband speaks my language like Brad Pitt speaks Italian in “Inglorious Bastards.”

“I speak Italian.” (said in a deep southern accent, while trying to fudge an Italian accent.)

So, really what brought us to wanting to move? As I mentioned above we all dream of living in an exotic land. When I was little I dreamed of living in my mother’s country. I was always just nervous about taking that leap. And why not now? It is time, and despite my trepidation I am ready.

This is something that no one can decide for you. I can’t sit here and try to convince you to pack all your things, sell your house, get rid of your cars and jump on a plane. Like choosing a partner, this is an intimate choice. One you have to make with yourself and anyone else you might be involved with. Then, in most cases, you have to figure if it is economical. Can you get a job? Will you learn the language? Will you adjust to the culture, meaning you aren’t going to expect turkeys for sale in November so you can celebrate Thanksgiving. But you can substitute to chicken!


Because I pretty much had a European upbringing, I don’t feel there will be much adjustment. I do however do as much research as I can to try and incorporate things we’ll experience in our new home now. (Here in the US).

I have found it is pretty help to join groups on Facebook. If you like to talk to groups of people who are on the verge of moving, or have made the move and you want more information I suggest tat you do a search on Facebook.

You will find that there are a lot of groups for expats. Some of the questions that have been answered before get repeated, but perhaps you missed it the first time. Also, you learn to watch out for sketchy behavior. Such as making a side deal with someone you know off of AirBnB. Be sure to also do your own research, you don’t want to make a few point of views as fact.

Until Next time!!


PS. Be sure to stay tune as I share tips on VISAs, passports, and more!


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