Day of Beauty.

Once upon a time one person, told me that I looked like Kate Middleton. And since she is a cool kid I figured that was an awesome compliment. Growing up I had always felt a little odd being a brunette, why? Well, as silly as it sounds it was because the pretty girls were all blonde. As much as I wish that Kate Middleton would have become “Kate,” when I was little I am glad she became “Kate” when she did. I feel so much prettier now with my brown and hair. And to boot I feel as though it is a privilege to be a brunette. Now, don’t get me wrong. Not all of the credit lies with the future Queen of England. Give me some credit. I did come to that conclusion myself a time or two.

Why I color my hair:

I usually don’t dye my hair unless the sun has been out for a long time, say summer, and I naturally get blonde streaks. Interestingly enough my hair loves to do weird things. Like develop streaks that I don’t approve of!  For example,  I don’t like the multi color that is my natural red, brown and blonde. If I could keep the red, brown and maybe a deeper brown I would be happy. Until I figure out how I want to do it I’ll just keep doing the one color.

The color I am using today:

This time around I thought I’d do a chestnut color as you can see from the picture above. Now, I fully suggest that you use a hair color that makes you feel like a Goddess and not one that you think everyone will like. Trust me if you rock it like a rock star because you love it, then everyone else will too.

Now, the bottle says it has amazing grey coverage,. I myself do not have grey hair so I can not confirm or deny this statement. What I can say is this doesn’t seem to make my hair feel strange like some dyes usually do.

PSA, from ME:

At this point I like to add something! I know you are scratching your head thinking, ok this girl is a hypocrite. She said many times before she only uses paraben free products…and this is not paraben free. My friends yes this is true. I try to stay away from paraben products as much as I can. I am looking at a few natural, non paraben dyes but they are about twenty dollars, so taking my time on deciding on those is essential. Why it is only twenty dollars, you say. Well, true but I don’t to just buy the one that may work on my hair or might give me the color I want. I am using the brand I am using today because I am familiar with the brand, and some of the products are paraben free. In case you want to believe me I am looking at Madison Reed. Click here to read the details. 

How this color makes me feel


A few hours into my new hair color and I feel so much better. I was feeling a bit dull and plain. I am glad that I remembered that one person one time, probably half blind, thought that I looked like Kate Middleton. I may not be her doppleganger, and I am not a princess but today I feel like it!

How many of you like to dye your hair? Why do you do it? If you are covering up the grey, more power to you. I will be one of you one day!

Until Next time!


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