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Create your own (girly) space

I live with three boys. That is two boys and a husband. Needless to say my home is filled to the top with testosterone. I am not complaining, oh no. On the contrary. Since I am the only girl in the house I am pretty pampered. If you think about it I am a rare bird! And I love it.

So, with all these men around my house it is hard to feel girl. My home is decorated in neutral colors that both myself and my husband like. Needless to say aside from fake flowers there are no flower prints in sight. Is that a bad thing? No. Do I need to have flower prints on my sheets other things? No. But I do need a space that will help me unwind, while still keeping the man in my life in mind.

Here are a few ways I managed to create a cozy room, adding a few touches of purple, but still keeping it to where even my husband could be comfortable in it!

  1. Pillows! No I don’t mean that you need to hop on and buy as many pillows as your heart desires. (Think the insurance commercial where the wife does this cause they saved so much money on insurance. ) Anyway, I like to get my pillows at IKEA. (Go ahead laugh or snort, but IKEA has really great stuff!) I love the 20×20 pillows and pillow cases they have. It is also a great place to freshen up your look, you don’t have to spend a million dollars to change your pillowcases if the ones you have bore you or are falling apart. Then of course there is the main pillow. The pillow you will spend a lot of time on, your sleeping pillow. I bought mine from Casper, why? No I am not a baller. (Pillow retails for $49.00) I bought it cause I tend to get nasty headaches and these pillows were recommended. There is nothing like a great pillow that will make you want to get into bed.
  2. Pick your favorite color. I have two! My favorite all time color is purple, however, Olive green is slowly becoming my number two. I feel like it is the 2019 color for me. Having said that, I feel that decorating my room in this “mannish” color would make my room feel like it is meant for barracks. So, obviously I chose purple. Yes, my husband is ok with it. Why? Because we compromised. All he cares about is that I don’t buy sheets, blankets curtains or any other bedroom decorative stuff with flowers all over it. The purpose of the color you choose should be to calm you, get you in the cosy mood, not get you fired up or hungry. (Yellow)
  3. If you have the room, a comfy chair. What? I know, but think about it. If you have a small house or live in an apartment you should have your own little private space. If you are super organized you could turn your closet into a sitting area! Or you could add a small sitting chair in your room for your own reading nook or to watch your favorite shows, you know the ones your husband or partner can’t stand! (Ie Gilmore Girls)
  4. Art work, pictures! One thing I do not like to do a lot of is have family photos or pictures of people around my house. I have them scattered here and there but not a wall that looks suspiciously like a yearbook page. I enjoy more having pictures that are artistic, like the finger panting my son did when he was three or places I love and want to see again. I also have book cover posters, well one but I am getting another one soon. Why? Because those things bring me calmness, they bring me some sense of center.

The list above is intended to help you find the peace you are looking for. Your bedroom should be calming and comforting. It should also be welcoming. No, I don’t mean for the people down the street but for yourself. Think about it, if you have a room you don’t like to go in because the furniture is hard then you’re not going to spend time in it, and the whole point is to spend time in your room.

Until then I hope you get into creating your own lovely space!

Oh, side note: essential oils and candles. Not just pretty to look at!

Until Next Time!


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