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My Tips for Tidying your Closet

I am by no means a hoarder. Having said that I have a problem with getting rid of clothes. I try so very hard to maintain the rule, “If I have not worn it for a year, then I don’t need it anymore.” However, I always find a reason to keep it. One huge motivator has been the budget my husband and I set for ourselves to ship our things overseas. Now, I am fully aware that not everyone is moving over seas. I also understand that my motivation may not work for everyone. Which brings me to my tips on how to get rid of things regardless of your situation! 

The first thing you should do is empty your closet. No really. Take everything out of your closet and your dresser too. Pile it all on your bed. Trust me. Once you have done that the next thing you will do is a visual inspection. (Don’t roll your eyes, I’m serious).

What to look for during your inspection:

  1. Holes: if you can repair them then you are going to have to throw this away. Really! Even underwear and socks.
  2. Missing buttons: Unless you are super creative and you have a million buttons lying around and you can sew them on, this should be tossed out too. I know it is hard, and you tell yourself I’ll buy a new button. But how long  have you been saying that? Donate it, someone else will give it a button.
  3. Stains!!!! If you are like me you practically own every color BUT WHITE. Even if you don’t own white and most of the clothing that you have is stained, and I’m talking stained, you should get rid of it. If you couldn’t get it out by now, even with the power of YouTube, it is a lost cause. If you are looking to recycle and not throw it away then make a quilt out of it, a pillowcase or even a rag. Pintrest is your friend here, and  YouTube for instructions.
  4. You bought it over ten years ago.  I know some pieces are timeless, and those piece most defiantly can stay. But if you are hoping that Velcro, bell bottom, cordriod low-hanging pants with a chain is going to make a comeback you are wasting your time.
  5. The tags are still on (and you have yet to wear it)-Look far be it from me to tell you to throw something out if you have never worn it, but if you bought said item over a handful of years ago then maybe you should think about getting rid of it. Especially if it is too small, too big or whatever now.

What to do after the inspection:

Well, this part is pretty simple. Start putting your clothes back into your closet and dresser. I would suggest not hanging your sweaters up. All winter clothing, I think, should be tucked into your dresser. If you have delicate blouses, I’d say dresser too. Why? Stretching.

I hang my jeans up, well sometimes. Depends on if I wear them a lot. Otherwise I find a place in my dresser. Anything heavy or is susceptible to stretching, like a sweater, I always put in my dresser. Dress pants or any kind of professional wear I put in my closet. Living in the Pacific Northwest has taught me that things get quite dusty when they are just “hanging around”. So I have been putting fabric over the top of the shirts to keep them from gathering dust.

Really, organization is up to you. Think about these things while you do organize yourself. Does this work for your lifestyle? Can you see yourself keeping it up all year long? Longer?

Now you’re done! What to do..

Now that you’re done look at your handing work and maybe take a selfie. Cause you just accomplished a good thing! you are now clutter free! Remember either donate, sell what you don’t want to use anymore. Throw away anything you can not salvage or donate. I am not super into being green but when it comes to clothes and jackets I think for some a little goes a long way. Especially with jackets!  Here is a website where you can donate your coat no matter where you are in the US. 

(I tried finding a donate service from the UK and Europe but didn’t come up with one. If anyone knows please let me know!)

Now, about those shoes…

Until Next time!

Tip: for those scarves you love, try using shower hooks on a hanger to put those puppies in order.

Have an old crib hanging around? Try using the spring frame as a scarf and shoe holder. See Pintrest for more Inspiration!


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