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Christina at a Restaurant

That’s right I went to a restaurant.

And no it is not my first time. 

I went with the hubby to an Asian fusion restaurant, since our favorite sushi restaurant likes to close in the middle of the afternoon. Feeling rebellious,  we chose to throw caution to the wind and try a new restaurant.

I know crazy. Sometimes we like to let our hair down.

The restaurant we went to is in Beaverton, Oregon. By first impressions it is easy on the eyes. Inside it’s clean and not cluttered. Unlike our favorite spot it isn’t cramped but the staff there leaves something to be desired.

Sure we were greeted the moment we walked in. But the host was a bit, scattered. Since we were one of two customers we were given our choice of where to sit. We chose a booth.

Then we waited.

and waited.

Then we waited some more.

After several conversations later we finally got some water. Thankfully the menus were already on the table otherwise I think we would have had to wait a moment or so longer to get them.

I think, if memory serves me right, we finally had our order taken after being there for twenty minutes.

Now, when I am with the hubby he will order food. Alone, I just order what I’m going to eat and get out. No fuss, nothing. With him there is always a starter course.

So we ordered wanton soup. Which on first glance looked like spinach soup.


This photo does the soup justice. It was taken after I fished in the bigger bowl for equal portions of spinach, broccoli and wantons. I didn’t even know there were green onions in there until after the hubby got his portion!

The soup came out hot, sure. The spinach fresh, the wanton tasted like bland dough balls wrapped around spicy sausage. With a little soy sauce this soup really bloomed. HA, did I say little soy sauce…I mean three or four shakes.

After a little while, our sushi came.

I ate two before I remembered I should take a picture. 


This Krab concoction was pretty good. Roll was cut really thin and wasn’t rolled very tightly. As an ARMATURE chopstick user I had a hard time getting the roll to stay together as I shoved it into my mouth. Then there was the flavor. All I tasted was the cream cheese.

I used a “K” in my Krab because it was imitation krab not CRAB. 

I know this sounds like I didn’t enjoy myself but I did. I was in good company and the food was so so.

The lesson of the day,  this is what you get for taking a blind stab at a restaurant. Would I come back to this place? Probably not. Why? Well, the service was  as mediocre as the food. It was really nothing special.

Christina left the restaurant not very happy!

Will there be more restaurants, um yes!

Have you eaten at a restaurant you didn’t enjoy? on accident?

Until Next Time.


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