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Welcome to May.

This month we are not only full blown into Spring but we are celebrating the woman in our lives who brought us into this world. Whether you are a mom or you are just a daughter this is a time to really make yourself and your mom feel special. Regardless, if you actually gave birth to something.

If you are a business woman, you gave birth to your business, so you should be celebrated!

I am a mother of two boys I try to make the day as special as possible for myself and them.  (My husband celebrates me in his own way but we’ll get to that.) My main goal of the day is to soak up as much time with the little ones as possible. Here is what I do!

We start the day by having a breakfast, of my choice. And since my boys pretty much love what I make they enjoy it too. I have them participate with me so they feel as though they made it for me. My older son has special needs and including him this way makes him feel as though he just handed me the world.

My younger son is too young to experience anything on that level, but he loves participating! (and making a mess!)

The next thing we do is watch a movie that we both enjoy. Before our second son was born, my older son and I loved to watch Harry Potter films or The Adventures of Tin Tin. My intention was to get  him to want to hang out with me, that is the only gift that I want from him. And every year I love it. My younger son is too little to sit through a movie right now so he will be hanging out in the room with us watching his French Cartoons. I am sure he will occasionally interrupt us!

At lunch time we go to a restaurant of my choosing. (I do keep them in mind!) It is just me and the boys, my husband is off doing whatever and that is just fine. By dinner time we sit around the table and exchange stories. (No, not of the birth’s or my journey to become a mother. We talk about anything, movies, books..etc).

My husband usually spoils me by giving me a gift “from the boys.” This usually involves something that he thinks I might want or something I’ve told him I wanted.

Regardless of getting something the most important part of my Mother’s Day is just hanging out and experiencing the day with the two most incredible people in the world. That makes me feel special.

After all isn’t that the significance of the day? To make the mother feel special. So, ladies and single fellas, take the day to really enjoy it and reflect. Do something that makes you feel as though you are the ruler of your universe. If you gave “birth” to your own business empire then give yourself a pat on the back by getting a massage. If you are an actual mother then do something that you enjoy. Even if you are a single mom you can make this day special, even with your kids. If that means putting on their favorite cartoon to leave you alone while you take the best bath of your life then do it!

How do you spend Mother’s Day? I’d love to hear your traditions or plans for the big day!

Until Next Time!

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