Break ups Hurt, EVERYONE


Take a moment of silence and pray.pngIn the wake of Robert Kardashian having it out on social media about his break up with Blac Chyna, I started thinking about how we handle break ups. In all honestly, Kardashain isn’t doing anything the rest of us wouldn’t do or consider. The problem here is that he is not only getting her where it hurts, he is also hurting his daughter. Right now she maybe too young to understand anything but one day she’ll see this. 

When breaking up with someone, depending on the circumstances, we lash out. As with any hurtful situation. The way we deal with our emotions varies as much as the clothing that we all wear.

Once upon a time, we didn’t have social media to air out our dirty laundry. And while some people see it as away to communicate effectively, others see the internet as a volition of privacy. A relationship doesn’t just involve you and the other person, but also your friends, family members and sometimes children. Blowing up the way Kardashian has is not only toxic to himself but others. Good friends may no longer  associate with him. Sure, you could say then they weren’t that great of friends to begin with. But think about it. If these friends were associated with Rob and Blac Chyna then now they are put in a position to choose. Sort of like when someone gets divorced.

Now add in a child. Often times you will need a character witness when helping with custody battles, how does anyone think they’ll win a case when they not only painted themselves badly on social media but also ruined any chances that good friends will come forward to have your back.  Not everyone has the entire Kardashian family at their disposal.

One thing that people haven’t quiet learned is that there ARE consequences to our actions. He may not care now, but the things Kardashian says and posts could affect his business. Investors might not like his behavior and decide they don’t want to be associated with him. Would you?

Yes, I understand he is hurting but there is a proper way of doing so. The main thing that we can take away from this little tryst in the media is this is the WRONG way of handling pain and the death of a relationship. If I could give Robert Kardashian or anyone any advice it would be to focus on you and your kids(if you have them). Get yourself right, and be the best person you can be. Let trivial things, such as a flaky relationship go. If you need to get some frustration out, box. If you need to scream do it! If listening to rap music makes you feel better then do it. If you suffer from sever depression, see someone. Prevent any further damage as best as you can.

Please contact someone if you feel your problems are too overwhelming. Don’t let them get out of control!



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