Beauty shouldn’t cost you a fortune! Or Contain Bad Things


Beauty shouldn't cost you a fortune

Since having babies I have gone a little nuts in what I put on and in my body. With that being said I still have a delicious Dr. Pepper now and again. Hello, I still want to live! When it comes to certain other things though I can do without them.

Almost four years ago now my mission was revamped when I learned all about parabens. Parabens are perservatives in cosmetics and other pharmacutical products. Formally they are called parahydroxybenzoates or esters of parahydroxybenzoic acid.

They are in EVERYTHING! (cleanser, lotion, toner, blush, foundation, mascara, deodorants, shampoos..the list really just goes on! And while I am not going to get into the whole reason why they are bad for you. (That is something you can do by just doing a google search or by going to if you don’t trust the content you find on Google. (Note: is Gywenth Paltrow’s website, she and I believe everyone else on this site are not doctors. read with caution! Research my friends.)

Anyway! With my personal ban on parabens it has been hard buying anything. Especially when some of it costs twice as much as the paraben filled products. But Why?

That has always been my question, why does something that needs less of “this” cost more? It is like when you are at the grocery store and you are trying to buy shrimp. The frozen deveined shelled shrimp is less then then non shelled deveined shrimp. Why? There was nothing done to the non shelled shrimp? You do all the work!

Needless to say looking for paraben free products is hard. I think I have my make up pretty covered. I stick with very clean make-up. While my options are some what limited I don’t mind. I really don’t think that my skin has looked better. Seriously!

With make-up taken care of, I am constantly on the look out for face cream and body lotion. While I have to buy a simple, somewhat cheap paraben free lotion I have no options for my face.

The options that I find in the store are either way out of my price range or just too small. Then I turned to the internet, and to my fellow French. How could I not? Did you know the French are obsessed with their skin? In fact most of what the average French woman uses is available at the drug store. And you can get them from AMAZON!!!

One of my favorites is a light moisturizer that is mild and will not irritate your skin. Before I stopped using paraben products I did not know I had eczema. My skin was ALWAYS itchy, and it took a lot of powering through to finally get to where I am at now. Currently ,the only time I EVER have a bit of an outbreak is during the winter. Lucky me, inherited my grandmother’s “rosey” cheeks. Or what we call rosacea. That started well before I quiet parabens, but once I let go of the nasty stuff I only have a few red spots on my cheeks. And with the help of Embryolisse Concentrated Lait Cream they seem to be fading.

(note, I am not saying that this cream is the “cure” to all your skin problems. It just seemed to help mine and perhaps it might help yours as well.)

This cream is for all skin types. It does not have fragrance. Oh and it is only $18 on Amazon! 

For a skin treatment the French are not into being harsh. They are more into cherishing the skin, showing it some love! So that brings me to  this thermal water. It is a fine mist that is literally just very fancy water. (if you have a baby, and you’re nuts like me the you may have noticed that the French use water cleaners a lot. 

Mustela is a much loved product in my house! I use this No rinse cleaning fluid on my baby, and I’ve never looked back! I don’t even use wipes. I know wrinkle your nose but it is true and his skin is still so “newborn” soft!  We also use the bathing soap and the lotion.

Anyway back to what I was saying. Avene Thermal Water is wonderful because it can use it when you feel you are getting dry or when you want to freshen up your moisturizer. I use it at night, before I go to bed. Just to sort of “soak” my skin, before applying my cream.

$14 on Amazon.

For my sunscreen. Well, I’m just going to say it, I HATE sunscreen. But I found one that is really good for me. I know it is a bit more than Coppertan but it is worth it.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50 mineral. Found here for $33.50

Anthelios 50 MineralThis blends into your skin so easy and has a matte finish so you can apply makeup afterwards. It quickly absorbs into your skin so you won’t look like a vampire.

(I am not getting paid to tell you about these products. I only wanted to share them with you!)

Now, having shared all of that I want to know what paraben free products do you use. Or if you don’t use paraben free products I want to know why. There is nothing wrong with it, it is a personal choice. So no judgement here! Let’s start a discussion!


I am not a spokesperson for any of these products. I am merely sharing with you things I enjoy. As with anything use these products with care! Read the ingredients, make sure you’re not allergic to anything and if you’re not sure try a small sample while at the store. If you happen to develop a reaction stop using and call a doctor!

If you have a product you think I might enjoy by all means tell me all about it!

Until Next time!


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