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Are you taking Time For You? You Should Be.

In everyone’s life there is a bit of stress or feelings of overwhelmedness.Each and every one of use even handle the bumps of life differently but one thing we should do more of, instead of focusing only on the worry, is take time out for ourselves. Now, I know for some of you that is harder than it is for others but trust me it is something you should do!

You might have to pencil it in, especially if you are a single parent. Late at night might be an option? Or early in the morning? I know that sometimes sleep is a precious thing that we don’t always get enough of, so of course if you can’t take a moment for yourself during the week, what about weekends?

As with anything you want to implement into your life you have to adjust. Taking care of yourself should be a priority.


Have you ever heard that saying “with a fresh pair of eyes”? Well, it means that sometimes when you can’t solve a problem you step away from it and look at it a different way. Think of taking time out for you as that. When you feel alone, scared or frustrated with a situation or even mad, you should take a moment and let it go. If you start thinking about it change the subject by singing a song or reading a book. The key is to recharge! When you feel refreshed, you can go back to it. By then you might even see the way through your problem.

Carving out time for you is important to your overall health. The more people and situations rely on you the worse the pressure and stress. Right? Imagine if you’re a priest, and you want to bring people back to the church-that is your goal. But each time you try to do that someone comes in to tell you their problems. All day long that is all you hear, is how things are for other people. Regardless of your outlook on life or how much of a good person you are, you get frustrated. It starts to wear on you. And you start to become less reliable.

It is a challenge to allow ourselves to focus only on “me.” Or to walk away from something we know we can fix right now with this solution. Our culture is probably the most stressed out culture and part of that might be because we rush through life. We do not stop to take a breath. If our kids are not doing a million things then something is wrong. If am not the “super” parent then I am not doing it right. On top of that you constantly believe there is always something needing to be done. Like laundry or house cleaning or getting your brakes done. In addition, our society feels the need to illustrate that our success has to be measure, tangible.

Let that go! Our success is what we want our success to be. So what if you are living in a three thousand square foot house! Take a moment to think about the things you do have, and how you got them. Turn off the computer, the phone or the television. Don’t avoid yourself, cause it is scary to get in touch with your emotions. Tackle that beast!

More reasons why alone time is important!

Taking time out for yourself gives you the opportunity to grow and renew. Believe it or not you change constantly. Things you thought you liked might not be the case now. As I mentioned above, taking time out  helps to alleviate body ailments. I am not talking about serious conditions, though studies might show differently. I am talking about colds, aches, etc. The more you wear yourself down the more comparable your immune system becomes.  

Again, you see things more clearly. You are able to find a solution that you couldn’t (frustratingly) come up with before. We are constantly pulled by our regular lives and distracted by social media. Those things keep us from moving past the “stuck feeling” or “frustrated feelings.” Or even stress.

“Me Time” is a powerful way to help you cope with stress. When you take a break and refocus yourself you might find that you are more focused and stress resilient. You may even find that your productivity is increased. I know when I am not feeling my best that my body screams at me. I slow down, I find I don’t want to do anything. That is when I touch base and recenter myself.


For those of you out there who might be emotional eaters, taking time for yourself could help you to not do that. Dealing with your emotions is hard, I get it. But letting them fester is even harder and doesn’t make things better.

Taking time for yourself also makes you more effective. Think about what you want to achieve in life. (Again fresh pair of eyes!) Or even day by day. Do you want to be a better mother? Or spend more time with your loved ones? Or reconnect with your partner? By dropping things you don’t necessarily have to do, or letting go of things that are too much you will find yourself with more energy. You should regard yourself so you can achieve your personal goals. When you get home, you’re home. Stay off your emails! However, if watching cat videos on YouTube is how you want to spend your “me time” by all means do it. It is the little things after all that make us smile.

There is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself. If you don’t do it, then you are not only neglecting you but you are neglecting your life, family, partner, pets, etc. Think about it, you can’t help others when you’re sicker than a dog, or you are depressed to a point where you can’t get out of bed. (note: self care might not be suitable for all or any depression cases, you should follow what your doctor advises. However, self care could help you alleviate some symptoms of depression, as with anything you should talk to your doctor.)

So there you are, take care of yourself it is the only answer. Remember, loving you is not wrong.

What are so ways you like to have “me time?”

Until next time!






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